How to Make Apple Juice from REAL Apples

Fresh apple juice a day keeps the doctor away. It can't be called the forbidden fruit! Eve should've never listened to the serpent. Should've given Adam apple juice instead of  just an apple. But she didn't know how to make apple juice, did she?

Don't be like Eve. Learn how to make apple juice!

Nothing says good morning better than this incredible fresh juice for breakfast. And no, not the bottled ones or the ones that come from a box in refrigerated section of your supermarket. The fresh ones!

Fresh juiced apples with all the LIVE nutrients that taste so good, you can feel it going straight up your bloodstream as you drink it!

You cannot eat 5 to 10 apples in one setting. Why not juice them and put them in a glass. Oh yeah! Let's get real. Consume the real fruits. Not the canned or the boxed juices.

Though they'll say freshly squeezed, they really aren't. They were squeezed a long time ago, pasteurized and have been sitting on that shelf for longer than you think.

We really mean fresh real apple stuff from the real fruit - freshly squeezed. Nothing added. No chemical anything to preserve it.

Have you ever tried drinking apple juice right off freshly picked apples? Try it and give that digestive system a rest. No chewing or digesting. Just feed your bloodstream with LIVE enzymes.

So, how do you like 'dem apples? Juiced... of course! Here's how to make apple juice fresh as can be!

Fresh apples, silly!

Could be red delicious, yellow delicious... they're both delicious!

There are so many apple varieties out there. My favorite and widely available to me are the granny smiths, yellows and reds.

Depending on your juicer, you can cut-up or feed them whole into the juicer. I have a masticating single gear juicer, so I cut them up to fit the chute of my juicer.

I put a thumb size ginger to it for zing. That's it.

So sweet. So tasty. So refreshing. Kept me full for hours.

Never buy the canned or the stuff that comes in a carton or a box. Get them extracted from the juicer fresh with 'live' enzymes and phyto-nutrients feeding your cells in just one fell swoop.

I can feel every sip going directly into my bloodstream making every single cell in my body all happy.

Juice on!!! Up your energy!

Question: Is apple really a forbidden fruit?

The Judgement

God: Okay who's responsible?

Adam: Eve gave it to me.

Eve: The serpent told me to.

Serpent: Didn't say a thing. Didn't have the 'leg' to stand on.

Come to think of it: I wonder if Eve knew that there are so many varieties of this forbidden fruit before she decided to give Adam one.

And, just what type of apple did Eve gave Adam anyway? 

I bet there's just too many varieties of them in the Garden of Eden. No one really knows.

New York is no Garden of Eden, but I'm glad they're available all year round here in the Big Apple.

What's your favorite?

Don't get me started on Snow White and the poisoned apple the evil queen gave her. The evil queen would've had a cardiac arrest from the goodness of this apple juice! Ha! --- but that's another story!

Juice feasting every day can never be easier with juicing fresh apples.

Are you on a fruit juice diet? Forget dieting! If you're juice feasting, fresh apple juice is a great choice that'll keep you energized for hours.

Discover more great tips about juicing and a vegetarian diet. Make fresh apple juice the OJ alternative. You can juice in rhythm with the season whatever fruit is available.

Learning how to make apple juice with your favorite juicer is not hard at all. This fruit juices easily on either centrifugal or masticating juicers as well.

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