How To Eat Jackfruit

Let's show you how to eat jackfruit. This fruit is delicious and very aromatic that taste like sweet bubblegum.

If you don't know how to eat jackfruit, we'll show you how. Prepare to get messy and enjoy this incredible fruit. They smell so good and they taste really sweet.

This is how to eat jackfruit. You start by opening it like this. Dig in and savor it's sweet aroma. This exotic fruit is a fruitarian's friend.

If you like Durian, chances are, you'll like eating jackfruit as well. Some people don't like Durian. I don't blame them. I like eating Jackfruit much better. They smell sweet and really fleshy.

Many people who are not familiar with this fruit surely have question about how to eat it. 

Jackfruits come in big packages. It's really a big fruit. How to eat it is quite easy. This fruit has it's own white glue and the glue is thicker and stickier when they're unripe. So the riper the fruit, the better.

Finding Nangka (jackfruit) in New York was exciting after 30 years of not seeing the sight of it. Seeing one was beyond words. I thought I'd never taste this fruit ever again as long as I live unless I travel 10,000 miles away back to the Philippines.

How to eat DurianDurian is in the Jackfruit family. Yes, they maybe cousins!

Thank God for the shipping industry, this found its way to New York then to my fruit counter.

I was like a kid with an imported chocolate bar in his/her hand - filled with joy and was in total excitement!

I immediately bought a big one with no hesitation as soon as I saw it without even noticing how much it cost. This fruit is so sweet smelling that it filled my house with its fruity smell. 

It's an all natural air freshener! It's very sweet and fleshy so it is very, very filling. It's a delicious fleshy fruit and would definitely qualify for an instant raw food dessert. This is one of those fruit desserts that you'll love to have.

In the Philippines they cook jackfruits when they are unripe just like any other vegetable. One of my favorite is when they're sliced thin and cooked to perfection with coconut milk until they are soft.

Then of course, they serve it with rice just like everything else.

Though, this fruit has a tough skin and when you peel it, it releases white sap that's like glue making your hands all sticky. So it's a good idea to use gloves when you peel it.

The glue can easily be removed by rubbing oil into your hands. The glue is more thicker and stickier when these fruits are unripe. It has a thick spikey skin and it grows in warmer climates.

Just cut them open and take the individual sections. Each section has a big pit inside. You take the seed out and eat the sweet yellow orange flesh. The seed can be roasted like chestnuts.

Jackfruits at the farmers Market

When ripened, it smells so good. So sweet. So fleshy. So filling. It's a fruitarian's heavenly fruit. 

There are other fruits out there that look similar. One of them is the bread fruit. They're spikey and rounded. They also have glue underneath the skin.

So when you see these anywhere in you're travels, buy them!

But if you are someone who grew up with these who's reading this, forgive my explanation. If you live in a place where these yummies are available, you're a lucky one. Enjoy them!

 Jackfruit makes a perfect filling raw food dessert.  Now that you know how to eat jackfruit, please put these exotic fruits in your raw food diet list

Where you can find jackfruits or jack fruits and other tropical yummers:

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