How To Become Vegetarian

Wanna know how to become vegetarian without depriving yourself of food you love? It's easy. Let's do it together and you'll be on your way to a healthier you!

How to become vegetarian takes just a few days to get used to. There's nothing eccentric about it though. What's more eccentric is when you have an open heart surgery and have parts of your leg put into your open chest - that's eccentric!

Vegetarian  Pasta with Broccoli topped with ground cashewsGarlicky Pasta with Broccoli topped with ground cashew nuts! This is actually vegan because there's no animal derivatives in it. The toppings you see is ground cashew nuts!

Becoming a vegetarian is so much easier than that procedure.

Most diseases and their symptoms are actually rooted from what we eat and they are nothing but food-borne illnesses that are becoming epidemic these days.

Just think of all the money you save from all those medical bills when you stop going to the doctors because you cleaned up your plate by becoming a vegetarian.

Also, think of all the benefits of this lifestyle when you don't have to spend a lot of money on food that actually harm your health sending you to the doctors often.

Bad packaged food and animal products are so much more expensive than plant based food.

How to become a vegetarian is simple. You can start your day with a breakfast green smoothie or a fruit salad to give you the energy for the entire day.

Breakfast smoothies are very filling, so delicious and they're a snap to prepare! Best of all, there's no cooking at all. In just a few days you will not miss the meat in your plate. It's that easy.

They said the best medicine on earth is teaching people not to use them. We can choose delicious plant based food over processed food to avoid diseases? Prevention is way better than cure!

Making smoothies for breakfast is faster than brewing a cup of coffee. It's the best way to consume more fruits and veggies.

We know, you need your caffeine kick, but hey, caffeine energy is very temporary. With a healthy fruit and vegetable smoothie, the energy will last you all day!

Do you like rice or pasta? Rice is a staple that can lead you how to become vegetarian very easily. Pasta is also a very affordable and widely adaptable ingredient in a vegetarian diet.

How to become vegetarian if you love Pasta:

Pasta Con Broccoli with cheese topping
  • Pasta of your choice (half a box)
  • Crushed Garlic (I used a bulb for 1/2 a box of pasta)
  • Broccoli spears or 1 bunch of broccoli (you can also use boccolini)
  • Cheese or Cashew nuts for topping (you can also use vegan cheese or regular cheese if you are a lacto veggie)
  • Olive oil or coconut oil for frying the garlic
  • Salt & Pepper to taste

Wash and boil the broccoli in water. We like a lot of them. When they're crisp tender, get them out of the water using tongs.

Boil the pasta right into the hot water where the broccoli was boiled in. The water should have the slat and bits of broccoli pieces in it. Cook the pasta there until crisp tender.

When the pasta is done, put the broccoli back into the pot with the pasta and stir.

Then you take a whole bulb of crushed garlic and fry in olive oil until soft. Pour the garlic and oil into the pasta broccoli mixture.

Stir well. Transfer into a deep bowl or plate and sprinkle some grated parmesan cheese if you are an ovo-lacto vegetarian. 

If you are a vegan, then get some nuts, whirl them in a food processor or a high speed blender to make some cheese like cosistency. Sprinkle some of it on top of your plate.

It was very tasty!

If you are a pasta lover, you can your pasta and never miss the animal flesh in it. This dish is garlicky and very vegan friendly. You can use vegan cheese on top if you are vegan. Ground raw cashew is also a good option!

Being a vegetarian is way cheaper!

Cooking simple healthy vegetarian recipe (s) using vegetables you already love is convenient. You don't have to get fancy buying unfamiliar ingredients.

Using what you already have makes it easy to stick to an economical vegetarian lifestyle.

Pasta with zucchini fries

A healthy juice recipe to start your day is a good choice when you're starting to become a vegetarian. If you work outside your home, you can prepare your juice the night before.

A simple carrot, apple and orange juice is a personal recommendation here. It's way better than coffee in terms of taste and energy!

Practice how to become vegetarian today. This lifestyle is good for your body, your wallet and the planet.

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