How to answer the: "Where do you get your protein?" question.

by veganonymous

A delicious apple a day chases the western medical doctor away!

A delicious apple a day chases the western medical doctor away!

When I say I'm vegetarian, right away they ask me where I get my protein. What an old question and it gets really boringly annoying. How do you answer this question in a nice way?

You know what's funny? I went to my doctor for a check up and when I said I'm a vegetarian he immediately tested me for Vitamin B12 deficiency - which came out perfectly okay. I am not deficient or anything at all.

I argued with my doctor a bit about vegetarianism. I told him that in the olden days, people are actually vegetarian. Before the paleolitic era (or whatever you wanna call it), people eat fruits and vegetables and no meat until they learned to kill animals for food.

My doctor told me to eat meat or fish for Vitamin B12. Is this true? And he said that if I'm starving enough, I would eat meat. Yeah.

So I look at him and I look at myself. My gosh, he looks more unhealthier than me. I'm only there for a physical check-up because they told me that I should have one!

That doctor and his staff seem like they need more physical check-ups than me... not just a yearly check-up, try a monthly routine check-up. They clearly show bad skin, swollen legs and even the nurse that was drawing my blood in the lab was limping and obese.

And my doctor is worried about my protein intake? Give me a break... I never went back to that doctor again.

Knock on wood, for 3 years now, I haven't had a physical check-up. Maybe I should have one but no... maybe if I find a doctor that's in the same page as me, then I'll make an appointment.

Thanks for reading.

- Veganonymous

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