Homemade Cough Syrup - Zap that cough fast, naturally!

Have you been hacking with itchy throat that wakes you up at night? Here's a homemade cough syrup to get rid of it fast so you can get a good night sleep.

Homemade cough syrup that's also delicious and not gaggy or taste like medicine. 

homemade cough medicineCough syrup that's delicious and gets rid of that annoying cough as fast as two days. It doubles as a pancake syrup too. It's food medicine and it's really tasty too!

Coughing is totally annoying.

Have you ever had that bad cough that's relentless and doesn't seem to go away? Even with prescription or over the counter cough medicine, the cough just don't want to scram out of you. 

Furthermore, that mucus dripping from the back of your throat gives you an irritating dry itchy cough that attacks you worse at night so it's difficult to get that much needed sleep.

As a result from coughing so much, your throat becomes so sore and you end up losing your voice. 

What to do?

You can go to the doctor... no one's stopping you, by all means GO... specially if you have a fever. You can get a prescribed antibiotic. But if you're like me who wants to try something  that's natural and a delicious food medicine first, then don't hesitate to make this homemade cough syrup!

It treats the cough as fast as two days. It's food medicine, not gaggy like the drugstore ones that have warnings on the labels.

  • About 3 good size carrots
  • Half a cup 100% pure raw unfiltered honey
  • Water

Note: Raw honey has its natural antibacterial properties. It's known to treat a lot of ailments.

Wash the carrots really well then peel and chop them. Boil the chopped carrots in just enough water to cover them. (No need to cook them all the way.)

Drain the water they were boiled in and reserve it to cool. Let the carrots cool off as well.

Once cooled off, mix the carrot water and the half cup of honey together and stir.

Put the boiled carrots in a high speed blender and blend until pulverized. In a jar, put the honey water mix and the blended carrots together to form a delicious cough syrup.

Take 3 tablespoons every 4 hours to relieve the cough. 

It stopped my relentless stubborn cough dead in its track the very day I took it. The next day, I had a left over syrup so I made a blueberry pancake and used it as a pancake syrup.

A homemade cough medicine can't get any tastier than that!

This homemade cough syrup is worth a try. Raw honey as always, is very soothing to the throat and it's naturally antibacterial.

Possibly why I got the upper respiratory issue:

Relocating from one state to another is a BIG MOVE, literally.  From looking for a house to buy, to finally buying a house we found, getting settled in and such; I hardly had the time to make my morning fresh vegetable juices which is my natural flu shot.  I know that my immune system had taken a beating. I tried to make some Florida orange juice but sometimes life just get so hectic.

So I caught the Florida bug

I didn't have the cold, it was just the annoying cough. My husband brought me to the doctor to get a prescription for the cough. I was given the C-pack of Azithromycin and a prescription cough medicine that had a warning saying that driving must be avoided.

Yup it had codeine in it. Yikes!

But, did it cure my cough? Heck, No!

So out of frustration and feeling very sore from coughing I remember to make this old natural cough medicine. 

The first day I took the medicine, I was able to sleep at night. The next day my cough is gone. The bug left my body and left my throat alone. It went bye-bye for good and I recovered swiftly.

blueberry pancakeCarrot honey syrup on top of this blueberry pancakes was delicious!

I seldom (in fact never get sick) when I'm juicing fruits and vegetables everyday. But being human, it's unavoidable not to get sidetracked when things get really hectic.

Moving from New York to Florida was a lot of work. I have been eating out in restaurants and you know you can't trust food that you didn't cook yourself. You are bound to get sick. It's a sure thing, specially a wimp like yours truly.

So now that we're settled, I'm back to juicing fruits and vegetables again.

Try this homemade cough syrup when you are suffering from a dry annoying cough whether it's from a bad cold or just from a post nasal drip. You've got nothing to lose but the cough!

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