High Protein Vegetarian Diet - Worried about protein?

5 Foods to eat for a high protein vegetarian diet. These foods will get you covered. No worries.

Going on a high protein vegetarian diet? Think Kale! No need to go in fear of not being able to obtain enough protein when you start a plant based diet. This nutrient is all right there in the plant kingdom!

high protein vegetarian diet mealSample of a protein rich vegetarian food made of green leafy vegetables from the backyard garden with brown mushrooms added.

No need to really worry about getting a lot of protein in a vegetarian diet. Almost all plants contain it. There are more protein in plants than there is in a slab of animal flesh. 

Let's take Kale as an example.

Nutritional food experts say that there are more protein per calorie in cup of kale than there is in a slab of beef. Plant protein is high quality, easily digestible, therefore it goes right into your bloodstream in a jiffy.

As opposed to animal flesh, it sits first in the stomach and putrify before it gets digested. 

I don't know about you, but when I was eating meat, it was giving me so much gas and very painful IBS symptoms! I'm glad that part of my eating lifestyle is over. I now stick to a high protein vegetarian diet. Ah, life is so much better with less pain.

Here are the top 5 (five) protein rich vegetarian food: 

  • Kale and other leafy greens
  • The TOFU family such as tempeh
  • NUTS and SEEDS

Let's throw in a simple protein rich vegetarian food recipe here. This dish is from the summer garden's bounty.

Lacinato Kale
  • Kale & other leafy greens from the garden like Bokchoy and Chards
  • Garden zucchini ('cause they've gone crazy abundant)
  • Fresh boiled potatoes from... you guessed it, garden! 
  • Herbs
  • Mushrooms
  • White beans (or any type of beans you like) - Lots of protein in beans!
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Oil for sauteing the onions and garlic
  • Salt or organic Tamari soy sauce for taste.
  • Cracked pepper or other spices that you like

Boil the potatoes until tender and set aside for the stir-fry.

Put a bit of oil in a wok or a deep fry pan. Organic coconut oil has been used here. It has an amazing smell.

Saute the garlic and the onion until their soft but nut burnt. Add the zucchini chunks. Stir until crisp tender.

Add the greens and stir until they're wilted. Season with soy sauce, cracked pepper and spices of your choice. Utilize the herbs. Gotta love my parsley! They're the best!

Note: Serve it with Quinoa and your protein worries are gone!

It's simple and it came directly from the backyard garden. The left-over was toted to work for a nutritious packed lunch to hold me up the entire day with energy.

If you're lucky enough to have a summer garden, you'll come up with any vegetarian recipe that suits your palette. Kale is a great source of protein just like any other green leafy veggies out there. 

Kale has become a favorite vegetable that is versatile and it's even said to be the new beef.  

So for a high protein vegetarian diet, just load up on greens and incorporate the grains, nuts and seeds and you should be covered.

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