Hibiscus Flower Tea - Delicous beverage from beautiful flowers

You may have tried all of the herbal teas out there but you gotta give hibiscus flower tea a try. This stuff is so pretty and it's got all the health benefits as well.

Hibiscus flower tea anyone? Oh that crimson red and deep magenta color is just my cup of tea. Have a cup of this beautiful red tea. You will love the taste and your body will love its benefits.

Hibiscus TeaWho wouldn't want a cup of this deep magenta beverage? This is an infusion of dried hibiscus flowers steeped for a few minutes creating this delicious cup of goodness. Have some!

You can forgo that Oolong or green tea for a minute there and try this crimson red cup of pretty beverage. You can serve this hot or ice cold. It don't matter because it taste really good either way.

You might love it at first taste and make it your cup of red tea every day!

We all know that Hibiscus flowers are tropical, beautiful and very good to look at planted in your front yard if you live in a warm climate. But these flowers are way more than just a pretty thing. They offer so much health benefits even when they're all dried.

When I was a kid, I used to pick these flowers and take the petals off for its honey in the center. I did it with caution because ants love to stay in the center for the honey. Mind you, there may be a bee who got there first before you did.

Hibiscus flowers don't stay open for more than a day. They wilt when the sun goes down.

Very Easy Hibiscus Tea Recipe

Beautiful hibiscus red tea.
  • A 1.2 oz of dried Hibiscus flower a.k.a Sorrel, Flor de Jamaica
  • About 6 cups of filtered water or fill a 1.5 quart pot halfway with water
  • Sweetener of choice (to get the health benefits of honey, it's my choice to sweeten everything)
  • A little piece of mashed ginger
  • A stick of cinnamon ( cinnamon powder can be used as well)

In a sauce pan or pot, get the filtered water ready for boiling.

Give the dried hibiscus flowers a quick rinse and put them in the water.

Add the cinnamon and ginger if using.  Bring it to a mad rolling boil and remove from heat and strain to remove the bits and pieces.

Enjoy your tea as you please, hot or ice cold.

For a hot hibiscus flower tea:
Just pour some in a cup, sweeten and enjoy.

For an ice cold tea:
Put the entire boiled tea in a pitcher and chill. When chilled, enjoy it with ice and sweeten with your favorite sweetener.

The color is a beautiful crimson red cup of goodness or deep magenta, sweet and tart like cranberries. The flavor is good as is but I wanted it a little more sweet so I added raw honey and it's perfect. 

Delicious hot or ice cold. 

Where to find dried Hibiscus

You can either find the Tea Bags or Loose Dried Hibiscus flowers in health stores or specialty stores. Or can just go to your Uncle Herb or the herb lady.

You can also easily find them on Amazon.

*** Just make sure they are pure and organically grown.

Other Hibiscus Tea Benefits

One of the major benefits of hibiscus tea is that it contains Vitamin C and minerals. Some say they use it as a mild medicine in their country. 

Hibiscus tea is naturally delicious with a tart flavor like cranberries and can be sweetened with a favorite sweetener. 

Besides being loaded with Vitamin C, hibiscus tea is known to have organic acids in them like citric,  malic and tartaric acids. 

It is also known to control high blood pressure and cholesterol, good for digestive system issues and has anti-inflammatory properties as well.

Some say that in other parts of the world, this flower is used to maintain body temperature.

Wanna speed up metabolism to help you lose weight? Drink hibiscus flower tea on a daily. 

Make hibiscus flower tea your cup of tea. It's delicious!

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