Henna Hair Treatment - Vegan and Chemical Free

Looking for a permanent chemical free hair dye? Dying hair with Henna powder is an absolute must try. Go for Henna hair treatment. It's vegan and it's free of harsh chemicals!

I have always thought of doing a Henna Hair Treatment for quite some time. I heard all the rave about it. So I went ahead and did it. The result? I absolutely loved it.

Henna Hair TreatmentMy hair is black. Henna turned my grays to red. Though, the group of reds were from the previous 'only' salon treatment I had that I'm trying to grow out. Henna covered it with more reds.

With the test of time, people get gray hair and I'm no exception. But I'm not about to absorb all that chemical shitstorm. So I am dying my hair with Henna.

I am never a fan of going to the salon. I even cut my own hair, believe me, I have my way.

Now that I am getting older and practicing a vegetarian living, I really don't like the idea of putting harsh toxic chemicals on my hair. Chemicals, as we know it cause a plethora of health problems including the ever dreaded cancer!

Chemical hair dyes always killed my throat. Even if I'm just having my hair trimmed, I can still inhale the chemicals from the treatment that person sitting next to me was getting. 

That hairspray? It burns my eyes like mad making me cough - all for the sake of beauty? It's time to embrace natural beauty and the natural process of aging. 

A DIY Professional Quality Hair Cutting Tool usually helps me out. So I must've saved thousands of dollars trimming my own hair, naturally.

So glad I discovered Henna hair treatment.

Organic Henna Powder is a chemical-free hair dye. It gives hair a healthy beautiful permanent color.

It's a vegan hair product  and it's easy on the environment. The result is permanent and it doesn't smell at all. In fact, the mixture smells like defrosted block of frozen spinach.

I love dying my hair with Henna now. Gray hair turns fiery red and black hair gets some tint of red highlights and can be seen specially in natural light. The color is fool proof too!

Dying hair with Henna for a permanent hair color is the natural way. When the hair grows and gray roots start to show, you can always touch it up, which you would do the same with chemical hair dye anyway!

Henna can be purchased on Amazon. They're way cheaper than going to a salon. Look for Natural Organic Henna or even in Indian specialty markets.

How to mix Henna Hair Color

Some comes with instructions, but to me it's just a matter of mixing the henna powder with warm water and let it sit for about 4 hours until it oxidize and turn brown red in color with a consistency of a toothpaste.

For jet black hair, mix Henna powder with Indigo Blue. It's the best.

To avoid dry hair, put a little bit of olive oil in the mix. Some folks put lemon juice or anything acidic like apple cider vinegar to oxidize it faster.

Cover with saran wrap and let it sit for a couple of hours. Some say overnight to give it more coloring power. 

How to apply Henna mixture to hair

  • Apply Henna to your hair over a bathtub or sink but cover porous surfaces because you are gonna get messy!
  • Apply Vaseline to neck area and around the forehead so you don't get tinted red skin.
  • Work it from the roots. You can use a paint brush to apply it but I like to use my hands so I can cover every bit of strand. Oh, that mushy feeling! 
  • Apply from roots to ends thoroughly
  • Use clips if hair is long but hair should stick together when Henna mixture is applied. 
  • Cover your head with plastic wrap or plastic shower cap and the mixture in your hair for an hour to a couple of hours.
  • Rinse and shampoo as normal.

The color will vary depending on your natural hair color. For deep black hair the result will be a tint of reds visibly seen in natural light.

For gray hair, it turns fiery red.

Every type of hair gets its different Henna beauty treatment: For blondes, it gives orange highlights. I have black hair so I cannot attest that. My gray hair turned shiny red so I now have red highlights on my black hair. 

I'm now actually looking forward to getting more grays so I can turn them red with Henna hair treatment.

Use Natural Organic Henna for a beautiful healthy hair.

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Site Directory:
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