Healthy Vegetarian Snacks - Feed thy craving!

Still munching on unhealthy packaged stuff? Get yourself some real healthy vegetarian snacks! 

Healthy vegetarian snacks are at your fingertips when you make your own right in your own kitchen. At least you know what you put in them. Why eat poisoned packaged snacks that even the moths won't touch?

Medjol Dates stuffed with walnutsA very simple vegan and vegetarian snack. Medjol dates stuffed with walnuts for a disappearing munchies.

When we say vegetarian healthy snacks, we mean whole real food that's not far away from the plant.

Munch on these addicting wholesome dried sweet dates. It's possibly the best way to wean yourself from those bad sugary unhealthy munchies.

So, wanna date? Well then, stuff yourself silly with these nutty dates!

We buy our dates from the Indian food market. It makes perfect sense, they carry the best ones specially the Medjol type. You can eat them as is with no other added anything and they're good enough. 

But we'll make them even taste better with an added crunch. Here are the ingredients for this stuffed dates recipe. Pay attention.

  • 1 box sweet and goey Medjol Dates
  • 1 cup halved walnuts

... that's it. That's all the ingredients. Memorize it. Remember it when hunger pangs call you to the kitchen.

Split the dates in halves. If you happen to buy the ones that aren't pitted, remove the seeds and replace them with walnuts. Press it together to kind of hold the nuts and tuck them in place.

That's about it. That's all the entire instruction right there.

Pop them in your mouth in case of snack attack cravings come on. These are guaranteed to satisfy your snacking desires whether it's for a goey sweet craving or it's something sweet and nutty. These fit the bill.

They're sweet and goey. They're like sweet little nuggets with character. You can even refrigerate the rest for late night snacking. But that's if they last until night time. They seem to disappear in an instant.

These healthy vegetarian snacks are sure to please kids and grown-ups alike. So why not make a bunch?

Dates are rich in vitamins and minerals. Because of the fiber content, it's great for those who suffer from constipation. Much like prunes, they are excellent for that problem.

Walnuts are a good source of good fats. You know, the fat that's don't clog your arteries. 

Come to think of it, walnuts resemble the look of the brain. The brain is made of fat. Walnuts are good sources of fat. So yeah, it's a no brainer!

It's a vegan vegetarian dessert that's downright simple. 

Just eat more of them. Of course you can have more fruits as your healthy snacks.

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