Healthy Vegetarian Recipes - Nutrition with loads of flavor.

Here are some healthy vegetarian recipes you can stick with to help you get the healthy body you deserve.

These healthy vegetarian recipes are simple enough to follow. Not only that these are a time saver,  these can also save you lots of grocery money. 

Your healthy vegetarian Diet Menu for a truly affordable healthcare.

With just basic ingredients already available in your fridge and your pantry, you can whip up a delicious vegetarian dish without all the fuss. 

It's time to get real. You need these in your life! These vegetarian recipes are simple and really affordable. They are cooked with whole foods ingredients.

These are vegan friendly if you skip the cheese and dairy. We don't need animal ingredients. Vegetarian food taste absolutely divine.

These vegan vegetarian meals are the true affordable nutrition you can count on. Eating a vegetarian diet is the most affordable healthcare out there. 

Sample Vegetarian Vegan Menu

Delicious Veggie Snacks (see also Filipino vegetarian snacks)

Vegan Sandwiches Sampler

Affordable Rice Dishes for simple vegetarian meals:

Pastabilities for pasta lovers:

There are more vegetarian food choices than flesh (meat) food. With meat eating, you just get to choose what animal flesh you are going to devour today, tomorrow and the next day. Pork  today, chicken tomorrow, cow flesh the next day and repeat.

With vegetables, there thousands to choose from. 

Try these healthy vegetarian dinner recipes, you'll never know what you'll be cooking for the next day, week, month and years from now. You'll be amazed how your taste buds change overtime. You will not miss that animal flesh. 

So... are you ready to switch to a healthy lifestyle? It's easy to become a vegetarian.

Find out why there are more and more people switching to a vegetarian vegan diet these days. There are a lot of valid reasons to become a vegetarian that you need to know.

Your body will get accustomed to eating plant food and the benefits are amazing. Animals will live and your health will improve. What could be more awesome?

With vegetarian options, there are thousands of plant food to choose from. You can never be bored if you let your imagination work it. There are many different edible plants on the planet. Why slaughter animals for food?

Rice and other grains can make the basic base for an easy vegetarian recipe. Mixing them with vegetables in a rainbow colors can make them appealing to the eyes and tasty on the palate.

Being a herbivore is cost efficient. When you are healthy you are wealthy. You know what they say, health is wealth! You get to eat delicious meals without a single thought about dieting and food deprivation. 

Cook up some healthy vegetarian recipes from now on. They are so affordable and very easy to make. Rice and beans recipe for example, is so easy and affordable. It merely cost pennies, filling, protein packed with loads of fiber.

Rice is closer to its original state (rice grain) unlike pasta which is really processed food. 

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