The Healthy Vegetarian Diet

This is about maintaining a healthy vegetarian diet and lifestyle. You will see pictures, quick healthy recipes including snippets of healthy ideas, exercise routines and a quest to living healthier. 

It is through a healthy vegetarian diet that the body puts just the right number for our body weight. It knows the formula, if we don't interfere.

By following this lifestyle, you get to save the animals and the planet as well. We love animals right? Then why eat them?

Abstaining from the consumption of flesh of other animals helps you maintain weight effortlessly. Your Body Mass Index will be low, high cholesterol is non-existent and blood pressure is of no issue for most vegetarians. Also, you can be thin and skinny  but still unhealthy, right? Maintain a healthy eating diet by becoming vegetarian for good!

I've traveled to Tokyo and ate a variety of vegetarian yummies. It was a perfect timing for the Cherry Blossoms so we went to Euno Park. My favorite Japanese dessert remain the same. Read more!

I caught the Florida bug. I hardly get sick. But with relocating from state to state I haven't been making my morning juice as much as I have so I was coughing so badly. But here's how I cured it. Read More!

Hollywood Florida Beach and Boardwalk

Why We Relocated To South Florida: We have our reasons. Change is healthy. Change is good. Come join us in our South Florida adventures. Read More!

Forest Gump Special Menu

Yes, I am not perfect. I eat fish when I'm on vacation. I'm practical vegetarian. I am a pescatarian when I am on travel. Otherwise it will be hard traveling the world out there. Read More

Healthy Eyes with a Vegetarian Diet

Making a doctor's appointment for a yearly eye exam is a hassle. Making doctors appointments is a problem to me. But it is a must to get your eyes checked as you age so I had to do it. I ask the doctor what I can do to improve my vision as I age and he said ... Read More.

My sailor stationed in Japan made this video for Valentines Day as it is also my husband's birthday. I sent him clips of the snow back home and he put them together. Watch his video and give it a thumbs up. Subscribe to his Channel for some really cool adventures. Read More.

Chinese Buffet Favorite Vegetarian Food

Do you mind if I make you hungry? We really pigged out at our local Chinese Buffet. Though I lose out on buffets like this. I get full very easily. The fried bananas were really tasty and the surprising array of vegetarian food made me too full to have another bite. And that was lunch! See the video and Read more.

Snow Storm Juno in New York

I built a juice bar under the snowy skies where I kept my fruit and vegetable juices chilled as the Snowpocalypse 2015 blew New York frozen with Jack Nicholson. Boy was that fun! I even made a video of the whole thing. Read More  

Saucy Savory Chili

Saucy and Savory Baked Beans. Com'on and spill the beans. A pot of baked beans is a must in the winter months and even in the summer. Not only that they're cheap and affordable, they are loaded with protein.  Read More

Blow Fish caught on Long Island New York

The first month of the year is coming to an end. Yikes. How time flew. It's not New Years any more. How are you doing with your resolution? I know that the holidays were mean for me. I feel bloated like a blowfish. Not only that I blew my budget, to I was tempted to eat some seafood. But I'm back on my resolution wagon. That's my confession.  Read more.

Vegetarian Humor:

VEGEPREFARIAN: Someone who is mostly vegetarian, but won't refuse a bit of meat now and then.

"Susie won't eat that steak. She's a vegetarian."

Susie: "Oh, no it's okay. I can eat it. I'm a vegeprefarian.

Yeah, that's hilarious!

Reasons why a healthy Vegetarian Diet is suited for humans:

Carnivores (Flesh Eater): Teeth are pointed & short for tearing flesh. Canines are sharp. Have sharp claws for digging and ripping flesh. Intestines are short. Food is digested well and eliminated faster. No digestive enzymes.

Omnivore (Both Plant & Flesh): Teeth are short & pointed for ripping plant & flesh. Colon is simple and short. Food is eliminated faster. Have sharp claws for ripping animal flesh and plant food. No digestive enzymes.

Herbivores (Plant Eater): Broad flattened teeth like humans. Canines are dull and short or long or none. Nails are flattened. Length of intestine is 10-12+ body length therefore food stays longer for digestion. Have carbohydrate digesting enzymes.

YOU-man (Human): Same as herbivore. Flattened teeth, molars are short, canines are dull, no claws, have carbohydrate digestive enzymes, intestine is 11-12 times body length therefore flesh food putrefy first before it gets eliminated.

Because our intestines are long as opposed to carnivores, animal flesh putrefy. Studies have shown that eating animal flesh is the leading cause of stomach ulcers, colon cancer and a plethora of diseases known to man.

Carnivores lap liquid when they drink. Herbivores sip. The sight of animals don't make us salivate but rather pet them. Whereas, the sight of a juicy succulent fruit makes us want to smell and eat it. We have 2 opposing thumbs for gathering fruits, vegetables and plant foods. Carnivores have sharp claws.

healthy vegetarian diet is a lifestyle. It's a choice. Choose a kinder diet of high powered plant foods consisting raw fruits and vegetables. Do it for yourself, for your health, for the animals and for the environment.

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