Healthy Vegetarian Desserts - Indulge without the bulge.

Do you have a sweet tooth? Good for you! But don't you ever consider a doughnut a healthy vegetarian dessert!

Here are some healthy vegetarian desserts you can eat everyday and not feel guilty. Go ahead and indulge. You will not bulge! Promise.

healthy vegetarian dessertNot only that this is vegetarian, it is a raw vegan dessert. It contains only fruits. There's no dairy. Just fruits and nothing but fruits.

So here are some healthy vegetarian desserts prepared with love with just a few real food ingredients. 

Nuts, fruits, seeds and natural sweeteners are used in these vegetarian dessert recipes.

There are no artificial colors or bad sugars. No additives or preservatives. Do try some for your self!

Vegetarian Vegan Desserts Sampler - Indulge without the bulge!

3 Ingredient Cookies
Guava Empanada
Mango & Banana Sauce

Vegetarian Raw Food Vegan Desserts and Frozen Treats

Fruit & Vegetable Dessert
Banana Ice Cream
Cherry Garcia
Cherry Garcia Icecream
Chia Parfait
Dragon Fruit Dessert

Ever opened your fridge and the cake says: "Come n get me"? Cheers to those who have a sweet tooth! Who says desserts have to be limited? 

These healthy vegetarian desserts are just minutes away from start to finish. Nothing like making all the cakes and you can eat them too!

Healthy smoothies can also be desserts as well. They are very easy and they so good for you!

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