Healthy Smoothies - Incredibly delicious and nutritious.

Consume more healthy smoothies. Leave the processed food to the factory. Even the animals won't eat them. All the additives in those soft drinks are just terrifying!

The real blender girl.

Healthy smoothies are a convenient meal that you can make in a flash. They're a nutritious meal for busy people.

When you are pressed with time, you don't have to settle for a meal that is void of nutrients, sugary and has so much additives that can rob your health.

Have a smoothie. Best part is, all you'll have to clean up is the blender.

Who wouldn't want to have a delicious dessert for lunch, dinner or any time of day, everyday? A mix of fruits and veggies makes delicious nutritious healthy smoothies with no added artificial anything.

Yep, it's a dessert and a meal in one!

When you score on lots of beautiful fruits in season, freeze them! They're perfect for these incredible nutritious drinks!

Gallery of colorful nutritious smoothies. Pick your favorite and make it!

You won't believe it's not ice cream!

Jackfruit with Banana and Strawberries
Undercover Kale smoothie
Taste of New York Autum

Best tools and ideal blender for smoothies

How to be smoothie 'cheftress':

  • Buy fruits in season like they're going out of season.
  • Freeze them for future use. 
  • Make them often. Consume a tall glass of strawberry banana smoothie anytime of day.

Why this lifestyle saves me money:

  • I don't have to buy processed food or animal flesh & pieces.
  • I save even more because I don't need to go to the doctors.
  • I maintain my weight effortlessly
  • Fruits and vegetables cost less than meat and dairy.

These recipes for smoothies are straight forward and simple. These smoothies are actually a meals that keep you fully satiated for hours. Succulent sensational smoothies are the ideal fast food for a busy day. You get all the vitamins that your body needs and saves you a whole lot of valuable time.

Who needs to slave in the kitchen? Life is busy! Grab some of your favorite fruit and veggies and make sensational smoothies.

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The body cannot tell what type of sugar it is that you ingest whether it's in the form of fruit juice, smoothies or starchy carbohydrates. Sugar is sugar to the body. So be mindful of portion control. Let's get moving and exercise!

Let juice be thy cup of Joe! Make it your morning beverage.