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Feeling bloated? Me too. But here's a solution to my healthy resolution. Check it out.

Feeling bloated? Me too. But here's a solution to my healthy resolution. Check it out.

So how's your New Year's healthy resolution? Have you fallen off the resolution wagon yet? If you're like me, I feel bloated after all the holiday food I really binged on all those celebrations. How about you?

I think that it's time for me to do more Yoga and participate on my Zumba classes every other day as part of the solution to my resolution. It isn't easy, but nobody said it is.

It's quite hard to reach your healthy goal when you are working a full time job 40 hours a week. I come home from work and I still have to do lots of work. Yeah. I'm ranting. But ranting is healthy for you. Let go of what's in your chest, right?

The winter months are tough. Daylights are shorter and it's so cold here where I live in this northern hemisphere. By the time I get off from work, it's dark and it's cold and it's oh, just so blah and I still have to figure out what vegetarian meal I have to cook to keep warm. Brrr.

My favorite dish to cook in the winter is soup. Yeah. I fell in love with vegetarian Ramen Noodle soup,Vegetarian Pho, glass noodles and the Japanese Udon. These oriental style dishes are so adaptable and it's great with mushrooms. That's how I warm up in the winter months. How about you?

Though I make it a point to make a pitcher of green smoothie as it is the quickest breakfast recipe to make when you're in a rush. Green Smoothies are a life saver, literally.

Somehow, it's getting harder and harder to get up in the morning. There are days when getting up early is just and impossible ordeal. But after I drink a glass of my green smoothie, my energy soars - beats the cup of joe any day you know.

Though lately, I find it easy just to make my recently founded Orange Julius Recipe. This stuff is great. It's like old times at the mall stopping at an Orange Julius stand sipping a frothy glass of Orange Julius and buying a salted pretzel to go with it. Oh, yeah... just like old times in the 80's. Sipping a glass of OJ is a trip to memory lane.

So my New Year's resolution is still in effect. To relieve the bloated tummy from gorging on all the holiday food festivities, I drink some hot lemon water in the morning to keep warm. Then whip up some green smoothie alternating it with my Orange Julius recipe to bring to lunch at work.

Dinner is a simple Asian inspired vegetarian noodle soup. My husband like them too. He's a veteran, not a vegetarian.

What's your take on a healthy resolution. Feel free to leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading my rant.

~ Pura ~

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