Healthy juice recipes to give your health a much needed reboot.

All bottled and packaged juices have preservatives and flavor-enhancing chemicals that wreck havoc in your body. Try some healthy juice recipes instead.

Make your own healthy juice recipes in your own kitchen. Commercially pre-packaged or bottled drinks are void of nutrients, pasteurized plus loaded with unnatural sweeteners and preservatives. You're lucky if you get 10% real juice in it which is actually, um, dead in terms of nutrient.

Beet Watermelon Carrot Apple JucieLiver cleansing and hydrating delicious juice with watermelon, beets and carrots plus all other veggies you want to mix in with it.

It's easy to make your own healthy beverages that you can prepare everyday. Juices this delicious, you will want to make it day in and day out and crave it.

It's nothing like having a delicious dessert for your meal in a form of a beverage.

It's just crazy that we spend so much money on the food we eat and most of them don't really nourish us. They just satisfy our carvings and hunger but they don't do any good to our body. It's time to be smart about what we drink and eat.

Of all the processed food we eat, the cells in our body are still crying out for nourishment. We are overstuffed but we're undernourished!

The best way to fix that is to make your own juice and feed the trillion cells in our bodies crying for real nourishment.

Here's a glass of yum that should do it. Hmm... straw please!

  • Watermelon with rinds (about 5 slices)
  • 5 Carrots
  • 2 Apples
  • small beet
  • a thumb size ginger

Slice the watermelon just so the slices fit in the mouth of the juicer.

Cut the apples if using a masticating juicer. If using a centrifugal type with a wide mouth, just drop the whole apple in. Run them though. No need to be picky which one goes in first. 

This recipe makes a pitcher of delicious refreshing mixed energy drink.

It's the best way to use the entire watermelon including the rinds. The rinds have their own vitamins too, so... include them in your juices. Don't throw them out.

Pairing beets with watermelon produces a great wonderful color which is perfect for detox juicing. 

When melons are in season, this fruit is a perfect juicing ingredient. It makes an extremely refreshing and hydrating drink that tastes so much better than the commercially sold bottled ones.

Healthy juice recipes are quick and easy to make. No need to hunt for the perfect combination of fruits. Just use whatever is in season and available to you. The simpler... the better.

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