There's something nutty about this healthy dressing... but it's delicious! 

Did you know? Almost everything bottled and packaged food-like food these days contain a mega-load of additives. Here's introducing: A healthy dressing!

Pour in this healthy dressing on your greens! What good is eating salads when you have to drench them with that bottled fatty, sugary, salty stuff they call salad dressing?

A homemade creamy dressing to dress up your salads that even qualifies as a dip or a vegan mayo. You can put a lot on your salad bowl and feel good about doing so.

If you are still pouring a glob of that bottled or jarred chemical-laden salad dressing, stop.

Your body don't need all that MSG, high fructose corn syrup and other artificial ingredients! Those stuff wreck havoc in your system causing a plethora of health issues.

Try this healthy cashew dressing made with raw cashews that doubles as a veggie dip instead. It's garlicky as well as creamy. It's the new Caesar salad dressing in a camo. It can also replace all that mayo.

Raw Cashew DressingCreamy Raw Cashew Dip
  • Raw Cashew nuts - soaked for a few minutes (or about half an hour)
  • Garlic - slightly roasted
  • Sea salt to taste
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 1 tsp of Dijon Mustard (or any mustard you have)

Take a whole garlic and wrap it in aluminum foil. Put in the oven and roast just until they're slightly roasted. Peel them and set aside. This is for the Caesar dressing recipe.

Take the soaked raw cashews and put them in a high speed blender. Add the juice of one lemon, sea salt, and the teaspoon of dijon mustard. Oh, don't forget the peeled garlic. Put them in too... Put as much garlic as you like if you want it garlicky.

Blend until smooth.

If you have basil, take a few leaves, cut them in ribbons and mix them in. Pretty it up with a couple of leaves on top.


If you want the mixture a little thinner add a little more water. That's if you want it like a mayonnaise consistency. Make it resemble the mayo by adding a little bit of honey and a splash of vinegar. But skip the garlic.

As a healthy dip, make it a little bit thicker with just the right amount of liquid added. 

Oh yeah. Creamy, dreamy and delicious. It's like eating good food all the way without the guilt about smothering your meal with bottled stuff full of preservatives and hidden additives.

This is just one of the easy salad dressing recipes you could do with these nuts. You can also grind them and make your own cashew parmesan cheese to sprinkle on anything you like.

Why we should go nuts with cashews: They are excellent in anti-oxidant, vitamins and minerals.

Not just for the health properties of it, these nuts are so addictive.

Eat them roasted or toasted. 

Grind them raw and sprinkle them in your salads too!

Who needs that white fluffy stuff made from raw eggs called mayonnaise? Have this cashew mayo instead. This is a low calories salad dressing recipe with the good kind of fat from cashew nuts.

You can smother a whole lot of it on whatever you're eating and you know you're eating something 'whole food'. 

So go ahead and go nutty with this healthy dressing

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