The Health Benefits Of Pomegranate Juice

We know that pomegranates are a superfood. But what are the health benefits of pomegranate juice, exactly?

So let's lay out the health benefits of pomegranate juice here. Besides the fruit's antioxidant properties, just an 8 oz glass of this deliciousness can boast 40% of the US recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C. How'd ya' like that to start your day huh?

Health benefits of PomegranateThis a straight to point pomegranate juice recipe. It contains fresh squeezed juice from those little ruby gems. Don't ever compare it to the bottled ones!

Gem for gem (you may say ounce for ounce but since the pomegranate seeds has that ruby gem look alike, well leave it like that), it's said to contain 3 times the antioxidant than red wine or green tea.

Even better huh? 

Sweetly, rake the benefit of juicing this fruit. You will not only have a great colorful beverage for the day but you'll be making every cell in your body jumping joyfully.

Wise folks say that nature kind of mimic the look of each fruit and vegetable to the look of specific parts or organs in the human body giving us a hint, clue or gesture us their healing purposes in humans.

Nature is a genius!

Interestingly enough, pomegranate seeds look like ruby gems and the juices resemble the color of the human blood. Does this mean that this juice is good for the blood?

Yup. It's been touted that this juice may work as blood thinner, reduce plaque in the arteries and excellent sweet beverage in reducing your cholesterol the delicious way.

Pomegranate Seeds

Pomegranate Seeds - they were ran through the masticating juicer to extract all the beneficial tasty nectar. This is the simplest pomegranate juice recipe - pure from the fruit itself.

This stuff is incomparable to those bottled stuff you see in supermarket shelves that are stripped off of 'live' nutrients and micronutrients.

As always, the best juice to consume is the one you make yourself! The benefit of juicing pomegranate yourself is that you get the purest form of it. Not only that it's way cheaper than buying them from a bottle, the taste is superb.

If you are not sure how to open a pomegranate fruit, you can watch this video. It very simple and it's really fun. Give it a thumbs up or make a comment at the bottom of the video and make sure to hit subscribe.

These fruits are in season in the winter time. Sometimes, you'll find them the size of a human adult knee. You can open these fruits as shown above and simply eat the seeds like cereal.

If you are into raw food diet recipes, you can sprinkle these red little juice seeds and decorate your food and make it a masterpiece.

Consider and think about all the health benefits of pomegranate juice when this fruit is in season and start consuming more of them. After all, they are all so beautiful and really fun to eat!

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