Green Smoothie Recipes - Liquid multi-vitamin and energy in a glass.

You know you don't eat enough fruits and veggies! So why not put them in a glass and drink them? Here are green smoothie recipes to help you increase your fruits and vegetable intake.

Here are some green smoothie recipes. Make yourself some multi-vitamin in a glass. A cup of java can't compete with a tall glass of sweet green mean smoothie in terms of boosting your energy.

Creamy Green Smoothie for breakfastSimple green smoothies can be easily whipped in a flash for breakfast or just about any time of day or any day of the week as your body calls for it. It's a perfect after workout meal as well.

A glass of these icy sweet beverages is a powerful drink even in a cold winter day.

Coffee is okay, but the energy you get from caffeine do not last long. You are gonna need to do a cup refill to boost your energy level.

In the summer when the temps are hot and steamy, green smoothies are ideal energy beverage. You get all the fiber plus the vitamins too.

Alter your favorite green smoothie recipes making them just like ice cream with no added sugar or anything artificial. These are honest to goodness fruit and veggie smoothies.

What makes a perfect green smoothie?

It must contain both soluble & non-soluble fiber. Why? If you put only an apple and some kale in a blender, the result will be grassy.

That's why some people don't like kale in theirs. What's a green smoothie without kale? Mix this veggie with soluble and non-soluble fiber and you'll love it.

Medical research shows that Acidic pH levels can lead to cancer.

Normalizing pH levels with fruits and vegetables can stop Cancer in its tracks.

Why blend and not juice?

It's a personal preference, really.

  • You can blend your fruits and veggies for the fiber factor.
  • You can juice them if you want your drink liquid'y' as in straight up juicy. Personally, I like both. Blending fruits and veggies into a smoothie makes a really filling meal.

Note: Blending is faster. Juicing is enjoyable too and you get an awesome delicious juice! These green smoothie recipes take just minutes to prepare. They can be perfect nutritious meals for busy people.

Green Energy Smoothies

Spirulina smoothie is a great way to get your protein and vitamin B-12 if you are following a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

Spirulina comes in powder form or in capsules. Use the powder for smoothies to give you this intense and pretty green color.

Spirulina is a superfood that's about 60% complete protein and the highest source of Vitamin B12. Omega 3? No problem.

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How about GREEN Piña-Colada for breakfast? Why not?

Piña-Colada is an exotic flavor anyone will love. You deserve a tall glass of it.

Fresh frozen young coconut or shredded coconut meat makes it so delicious.

Don't put any alcohol please... It's a neurotoxin that alters the normal process of aging. Read more on Green Pina-Colada.

Apple Banana Green Smoothie

When the clock on the wall runs your life and there seem to have no time to eat a nutritious meal... Whip up this smoothie.

Bananas and apples are best friends in the smoothie world. They're just perfectly happy together in a drink. They blend smooth with anything you put in them. 

Putting soluble and insoluble fiber is the key to make a delicious green mean smoothie.

Ever woke up in a slump & in dire of thirst? Well here's a solution for you. Either chug down a jug of water or gather up some green vegetables & fruits from your fridge and blend them up for a quick healthy energizing drink.

Slurp the goodness of Spring vegetables in a glass. It's sweet instant energy guaranteed to make you seize the day. It's liquid sunshine.

Cheers to your health! Check out our archives for some more Green Smoothie Recipes

Blending up energy smoothies is an excellent way to maintain an alkaline body and keep your Ph in check. When pressed with time, just let a high speed blender do all the un-cooking. You want dessert for breakfast... Fast. No worries! These are done in minutes!

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