Graviola Fruit - the 'wonder fruit'.

What is a Graviola Fruit? 

A graviola fruit is a yummy large prickly skinned fruit from a tree that grows in a tropical climate. A graviola tree can easily catch a cold and freeze to death in temperatures below 60 degrees. So it is a tropical fruit.

graviola fruitGraviola also known as Sour Sop fruits being sold at a Farmer's market in South Florida. These fruits are sold by the pound but are also sold frozen in concentrated juice form.

Claims are flooding the internet these days that Graviola fruit is an anti-cancer fruit. 

When ripe, graviolas have green skin that's bumpy and thorny. When they start to ripen, it becomes soft to the touch which can be opened easily with just your hands.

The flesh of the ripened Graviola or Sour Sop fruit is milky white. It has large black seeds that can be propagated to more trees. The flesh has been claimed to have anti-cancer properties 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy.

Some call them graviolas. Others call them Soursop or Guanabana. In the Philippines, they call these Guyabanos. Whatever you call it, could this fruit be really a miracle fruit? You decide!

Graviola FruitA freezer full of frozen graviola or soursop drinks seen right on the isle of a farmer's market.

This fruit comes in juices as well. You can find graviola juice or soursop juice in the frozen section of your supermarket if they carry it. Otherwise, keep your eyes open because you'll never know they might have them for your consumption.

Graviola fruitThis is a ripe graviola also known as Sour Sop. It makes a really yummy breakfast or snack.

You can't really juice this fruit. Like any other creamy fruits such as bananas, mangoes, mamey and other fruits can only be made into thick smoothies or mashed.

You can add liquid to them if you want them liquidy. Otherwise, they're best to just eat them as is.

Or better yet, make your Sour Sop sorbet in one of those sorbet maker like the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Frozen Yogurt Sorbet Soft Serve Automatic Freezer.

How to plant Graviola Tree

If you are lucky enough to live in warm climate start with the SOURSOP or Graviola Seeds on Amazon.

Graviolas propagate from their seeds. They are black and they take quite a while to germinate. So you need to be patient with its germination process. 

Otherwise, if you live in a warm climate, for sure there are plants all ready available for purchase for growing your own graviola tree. These plants can't go near a cold weather because they'll sneeze, catch a cold and just die.

Water as necessary and make it happy.

Graviola also known as SourSop leaves can be brewed to make a delicious cup of tea as well. 

You can purchase these Organic Soursop Graviola Tea Leaves right on Amazon.

So, have you tried some? In this time and age, it doesn't hurt to try something delicious and good for you too!

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