Garden Salad Recipe - Chlorophyll in a bowl. Nature's vitamin pill.

There's something awesome about this garden salad recipe. It's cheap, in fact free, a snap to prepare and it all came from the backyard organic garden!

Take this garden salad recipe to the top of your raw food list diet plan. It's the ideal main menu. It's best eaten alone fresh or shared with family and friends. 

garden salad recipeThis is where you get your good protein - a mix of green and red veggies drizzled with olive oil and herbs. Top it with your favorite olives and you got a meal.

Easy summer salad recipes are a must for the season when it's hot and steamy in the kitchen.

Who needs to be slaving in front of the stove cooking away and simmering sauces for the family? Garden salad is the way go. Just waddle yourself out to the garden and pick your veggies.

This garden salad is like vitamin pills, only it's tastier and it's in the form of food.

Pills just make your urine expensive as they are hardly even get absorbed into your system - at least that's what my old doctor told me (who was still curing people at age 90 before dying of old age). 

You can never go wrong with a green salad recipe like this. If your veggies are organic, just rinse them well and be done with the meal preparation. No sweat. It's nutritious and it's so filling, you don't have pots and pans to scrub away.

Red Lettuce

A mix of red and greens from the backyard garden:

  • Tender organic Kale 
  • Red Lettuce
  • Homegrown Tomatoes
  • Store Bought pitted Olives
  • Sliced avocado
  • Nuts and dried fruit trimmings if you wish

Go pick some greens and some red lettuce too. Lots of them. Wash them well. Assemble together anyway you like it. Put them in a big awesome massive humongous bowl to give them all a wiggle room for mixing and absorbing all the awesome dressing of your choice.

Mix thoroughly until all of the beautiful veggies are coated with goodness. Toss and mix.

Transfer in a pretty salad bowl.

You can't get any fresher than having a bowl of beautiful veggies minutes away from picking them.

It's definitely filling because of all the roughage. Just think, there's no food that can fill you up faster than a big bowl of plant food. Because of its fiber, it triggers your stomach receptors telling your brain that you are full.

Compare it to the density of animal flesh or oil. You can consume just a little of these and they amount to a ton of calories and the stomach doesn't even register as full, therefore, you tend to eat more. The end result? You gain more weight.

Eat more roughage!

Easy summer salad recipes are a must for the season when it's hot and steamy in the kitchen. Who needs to be slaving in front of the stove cooking away and simmering sauces for the family.

This garden salad recipe can be lunch or can be dinner. Tote it in a container and make it your go-to-meal. It will keep you full all day long and the fiber will keep your gut happier than ever.

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