Practicing a Fruitarian Diet causes health. It's not breaking news. It's factual information.

What happens when you adapt a fruitarian diet?

Contrary to popular belief, when you are on a fruitarian diet eating nothing but sweet fruits, you are healthier than most people. No, you are not gonna be protein deficient. 

Pile of seasonal fruitsA fruitarian diet menu: Fruits, lots of them. Unlimited sweetness of all the colorful bounties of nature.

We're born fruitarians. We are frugivore by design. We are fruit eaters. So our body is designed to eat fruits. We belong to large anthropiod primates that eat a diet of fruits.

Fruitarianism is not a trend. It's a way of living by choice. It is a chosen lifestyle. Fruitarians practice a lifestyle eating large amounts of fruits.

Unlike carnivores, humans (among us) do not salivate at the sight of decomposing dead animal you pass by the curb. If you do, you're a carnivore. If you do not, you are an herbie. No doubt you are!

Thinking of starting a raw food diet? Eat fruits to your hearts content and you're blessed.

If you read a book on Fruitarianism you'll find out that humans originated from the tropics and migrated to different parts of the earth overtime. For this reason, we like warm places, we like to keep warm in the winter, we like tropical fruits and so on & so forth. 

Overtime we have 'thrived' on eating flesh of other animals to which we weren't designed to eat. Reason why the last thing we introduce to our babies is meat. Human babies are meant to nurse their mother's milk for sustenance until they're naturally weaned. 

strawberries Mangoes

Some people embrace fruitarianism by choice to cure certain diseases or simply live a healthier easier life with compassion to animals.

We are the only specie that steal milk from another specie and drink it. We never wean from it either.

In fruitarianism, you eat all the fruits you care for until you're fully satiated. Fruits take up 80% of the diet. It's a high carbohydrate low fat vegan diet. Fruits are a perfect raw diet food. 

A fruit diet is also called the 80-10-10 diet. The equation in a fruitarian diet goes like this:

  • 80% high carbohydrates from fruits
  • 10% Protein from greens (yes, green veggies have loads of protein)
  • 10% Fat from nuts & seeds.

"The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look on the murder of men."

- Leonardo da Vinci, artist & Scientist

Now, don't ask the "Where do you get your protein?" question. That's old. Studies have debunked that issue many times. The body only needs 10% protein according to the 'real' experts on fruitarianism.

In a fruitarian diet, you won't have a problem with protein intake. Every fruit has a trace of this nutrient. Remember, you don't need a whole lot. You will not be deficient. Trust the fruit.

Protein is hard on your liver and takes a massive toll on the pancreas. There is no such thing as protein deficiency specially in America. We are all protein'ed' out to epidemic proportions.

With a fruitarian diet lifestyle, natural exercise and natural hygiene are also practiced. So yeah, no toxic perfume or anything like that. Who needs perfume when you're eating mostly fruits?

There's no animal flesh rotting in your colon. So you'll smell fruity. Say bye-bye to body odor. Even your poo smells fruity.

Raw food vegetarian diet is simple.

Just think of the chimpanzees. They eat loads of bananas and a few edible green leaves where they get their protein from. They're in excellent health. Eat wild like a chimp. You'll be as healthy as a chimp.

Follow this simple recipe for their food:

  • Peel the bananas
  • Eat the bananas
  • Done

Nothing extreme. It's that simple. They have all the energy they need for the day and so will you. Bananas are the perfect food for athletes. They're energy food.

Don't fret about the potassium issue either. True fact is... it's not true. It doesn't stop your heart. Animal fat and protein consumption do. Put them down & lay off of them. Grab some bananas instead. Make an awesome smoothie if you want.

Mango is an all time favorite. It's a delicious fruit without all the arrogance.

Mangoes are juicy, yellow, different and just perfect.

What's your favorite fruit?


Mother earth has provided us fruits for every season - thousands of different varieties for human sustenance. There are so many types of fruits out there that even if you eat one type of fruit each day through out the course of the year, you'll never eat all of them.

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So if you are thinking of starting a raw food diet, just a grab a fruit - it's that simple. Power up with a raw food vegetarian diet. 

On record, people who practice fruitarianism achieved a long and healthy life. They're body designs it's own healthy weight naturally without effort. They eat all the fruits they care for. It's that simple.

diet of raw food is easy. Just eat all the fruits you care for until you're fully satiated. There's no recipe. Just peel and eat! Yeah, you know, like the chimps!

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