Fruit Table Centerpiece - No hormones. Antibiotics free. It's a Fruiturkey!

Can't think of how to decorate your table for the holiday banquet? Forget the pine cones and candles. Make this festive fruit table centerpiece! It's edible.

This fruit table centerpiece will get those cameras clicking. They're 100% cholesterol free. They're sweet, juicy and totally fat-free. This is an easy raw food recipe formulated just for you!

Thanksgiving CenterpieceThe turkey has been saved. Feast on these sweet juicy fruits carefully arranged on the platter. This fruit arrangement is just too pretty to devour.

This table centerpiece is full of your favorite fruits arranged beautifully as your vegan platter. Your table will be as festive as can be without killing a turkey.

Let this be your favorite easy fruit salad recipe in a form of a bird. It's guaranteed to be a great conversation piece.  Take a picture so that it lasts longer.

So, leave the bird alone for a minute there and let it live. All life here on earth are precious you know. Make this beautiful turkey centerpiece for your holiday table instead.

No need to be careful carving this one either. It's all boneless. There is no fear of salmonella poisoning when you handle this fruit turkey. The juices are totally drinkable.  

  • A good size fresh ripe non-GMO pineapple
  • Whole Tangerines or Oranges
  • Celery sticks or cucumber slivers
  • Small fruits like, grapes, strawberries and some pineapple chucks. More fruits to your preference
  • Tooth picks
  • Bamboo or metal skewers
  • Dried raisins for the eyes
  • 2 small slices of red bell pepper

Be creative and add more of your favorite fruits or veggies at the bottom

Get a fresh non-GMO pineapple for the body. Reserve some nice leaves to use as feathers like you see here. Support them with toothpicks and secure them to the pineapple.

Next, take the skewers and thread the fruits of your choice to them. Stick them to the end of the pineapple to make it look like the tail of the fruiturkey.

Peel the oranges and keep them whole. Put some pieces of celery or cucumbers in the middle for the stem.

There you have it - a fruit turkey for your Turkey Day!

Pretty, juicy and the best fruiturkey we ever had. Make it and tell your guests you saw it here at

If you really love turkey, don't eat them and let them live. Get a pet. Or you can just spruce up your home decor with a statue of a giant bird or something.

If not, a ceramic table centerpiece that doubles as a tureen is functional and decorative.

If you are a vegan, well then prepare all the food your way, the vegan way. Make this fruit turkey instead. If you are a raw vegan, this is for you too. Don't forget to make the luscious fresh cranberry sauce as well.

If you are a veggie, make all your holiday or Thanksgiving and vegetarian Christmas recipes too but this table centerpiece is a must to try.

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