Fruit Smoothies Recipe for a delicious treat!

You know you don't eat enough fruits and veggies. Make this fruit smoothies recipe and to get your fruit and vegetable quota for the day. 

This fruit smoothies recipe might just be the trick to make you ditch the morning cup of coffee for good. It may stop your craving for sugary, caffeinated and carbonated drinks too.

fruit smoothies recipe made with mango, jackfruit and berriesThis is a blend of delicious naturally sweet fruits that were frozen then crammed into the Vitamix blender to create a delicious meal and dessert in one!

You know you don't eat the recommended allowance of fruits. Meet your quota for the day consuming this energizing and nutritious meal that qualifies as a dessert.

Get your Vitamix Turboblend or Blendtec or any type of blender you might have and uncook your meal. This fruit smoothie taste just like soft-serve ice cream with loads of benefits.

Without the added sugar and chemical preservatives, this is the ice cream you can trust.

This is made with just natural ingredients - just fruits and vegetables. That's it!

This stuff is creamy, icy, frothy and super delicious. This is a fruit dessert can be a vegan breakfast, healthy lunches or even dinner. 

You know that it seems like nothing is simple anymore these days, but only if you let it. Everything is complicated if you allow it to be. Simplify deliciously preparing quick and easy raw food meals

This can be a your everyday vegan breakfast recipe. Or it can be a ritual for healthy lunches too! If you have a Vitamix Turboblend, whirl it all in there. It's fast, easy, tasty and so very nutritious.

The simple recipe - nothing to it:

  • bananas
  • strawberries
  • blueberries
  • Cherries
  • jackfruit (nangka) if available
  • a few pitted dates
  • a tablespoon of peanut butter
  • Ice water or left-over juice

Note: The above ingredients must be frozen to achieve an ice cream soft-serve consistency.

Add protein to the mix with a tbp of peanut butter if you wish.  Protein powders are not necessary. 

Put all the ingredients in your high speed blender. This one was done in a Vitamix Turboblend, it don't matter which one goes first. This appliance is excellent in my making frothy icy fruit smoothies.

For regular blenders, you can start with the softer ingredients at the bottom and pile in the rest on top.

Morning Fruit-Smoothie

This fruit smoothie makes you get away with having your dessert for your meal. Why should dessert be eaten only after a meal when you can have it anytime you like?

Too much sugar you say? Don't be afraid of natural sugars. Nobody got fat from eating lots of fruits. Look at the chimps. They eat bananas all day everyday. They're fine.

Mixing different colors in the blender tends to cancel each other out. So stick with red, white, yellow fruits to make a beautiful mix of colors.

Upgrade your meals consuming sensational and energizing smoothies. Fruit smoothies recipe like this makes the most satisfying meal and delicious dessert in one.

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