Fruit Decorating Ideas - Decorate your life with fruits!

Got a party planned? Fruit decorating is a fun idea to get that party started. Decorating with fruits can be rewarding because you can eat them too! 

Get your party started with fruit decorating ideas that are way better and cheaper than buying bouquets of flowers. Plus, you get to have the kids involved. So, gather 'round your kiddies and let's get all that creativity juices flowing here.

fruit decoratingPineapples Halloween Lanterns made by carving ripe pineapples. The candles in the inside spookyliciously illuminates the room. These lanterns can be displayed outdoors as well.

Making edible fruit decorations is fun for both the kids and the adults.  Decorating with fruits can be a nice project specially for the kids. Making fruit decor is always fun and you get to nibble on them too.

Usually holidays call for fruit decorating ideas. As you visit the fruit and veggie isle you'll get to see so many potentials.

How to make it: Use a Pineapple Peeler Corer Slicer Cutter to core the pineapples. Carve the eyes and the mouth like you would with a pumpkin. Stick a candle inside.

Or try these pear-cupines!

fruit-decoratingJust call these: Pear-cupines! These pears are deliciously prickly with sweet green grapes. Resist eating the grapes before you snap a picture of this.

Decorating fruits is very relaxing. If you have picky little kids, they'll get to have a healthy snack for sure.

Go ahead, kiddos... you can skip dinner. Just eat one of these pearcupines!

If you are into decorating with fruits, invest on a set of Fruit Corer Slicer,Fruit Slicer,MayPal 6 in 1 Fruit Vegetable Slicer-Apple Corer, Melon Baller Scoop, Fruit Carver, Knife, and Cutting Board. You can go town making your ultimate edible fruit decorations!

Both you and your kids will enjoy getting creative with all the fruits and veggies encouraging both of you to eat healthier.

A plate of Ants On Logs (peanut butter and celery) is always on our holiday table for both kids and adults to munch on while our holiday dinner is being prepared.

Thanks to my late mother-in-law for introducing this healthy yummy stuff. You get the veggies and it's protein-packed too!

Ants on logs: Celery stuffed with creamy peanut butter with dried cranberries on top.

Do you struggle to make your kids eat carrot sticks?

Try this trick:You can put slivered almonds on carrot sticks making them look like finger nails. Arrange them around a nice avocado dip and you got a healthy spooky snack.

You can bring your decorating ideas to a whole new different level and get yourself a set of Fruit and Vegetable Carving Tools.

How about a fruit centerpiece? You bet you want it on your holiday table. 

You can be the master with edible decoration. Just word of advice: You have to take pictures, flood Instagram with it and be the star. These usually disappear faster than cookies - which is a good thing!

You may now go and decorate your life - with fruits!

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