Fried Banana Recipe - a.k.a. fried plantains.

Have you ever had fried ripe bananas before? Try this fried banana recipe. It's a tasty vegan dessert.

Here's a real simple fried banana recipe. Fried bananas is a native snack I grew up with in the Philippines. They're also called 'turon' or 'sinapot'.

In the Philippines, they sell these fried bananas in street markets as 'banana-cue' which means barbecued ripe bananas.  They're coated with caramelized brown sugar and cooked over hot coals

Sometimes, these are coated with rice flour and deep fried in a wok and they wrap them in fresh banana leaves and call it 'Sinapot' in the Bicol province.

These bananas are called 'saba' over there. Here in America, they are called plantains or platanitos in South Americas.  This a perfect vegan meal or snack to tote when we go on the boat.

This fried fruit dessert is really easy and healthy picnic food! Enveloped with crispy wrappings, it's a perfect finger food. It has the right sweetness to it and the crunch is a perfect accompaniment.

You can eat these for breakfast, snack or eat them as your dessert. You make the rules! Might as well call these: Banana Nuggets. 

Filipino 'Saba' bananas
  • Ripe Plantains or 'saba' bananas
  • Flour Sheets (lumpia or eggroll wrappers)
  • Coconut Oil for frying
  • Ripe jackfruit pieces is optional but it will taste really good in it

Note: You can buy the flour wrappers or eggroll wrappers at an oriental section of your department store.

Also you can just coat the bananas with flour and fry them. 

  • Slice the plantains lengthwise. 
  • Wrap then in the wrappers.
  • Fry in hot oil until wrappers are crisp and brown.
  • Drain on paper towel.
  • Sprinkle with natural sugar on them if you wish.

It's the way I remember them as a kid. Although, the only thing missing is the banana leaves to securely wrap them which served as my plate. Simplicity to the core!

I used to love typhoons as a kid. The banana trees are the first ones to fall down. It only means it's an abundance of these fruits to ripen for frying up.

Though these types of bananas are best cooked, although it can be perfectly eaten as is - RAW, specially when they are ripened right off the banana tree. 

Fried bananas are just one of my favorite Filipino snack food

Try some of this crispy fried bananas. This is a humble Filipino snack that everyone will enjoy. It could qualify as a dessert because it's sweet enough guaranteed to satisfy your hunger. Bring this to picnics and call it banana nuggets!

Sometimes, ripe plantains (the longer type ones) are just sliced lengthwise, dusted or coated with flour and then fried. 

Try this ripe fried plantain recipe for a healthy treat and want something different. These are better than cookies. In fact there is no comparison.

The kids will dig it too.

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