Raw Fresh Cranberry Sauce Recipe - Fully loaded with nutrients, not preservatives! 

Don't wait for Thanksgiving to enjoy a really good fresh cranberry sauce. Make this stuff as soon as cranberries are in season!

Fresh cranberry sauce is just the best. Why on earth would you want to settle for that canned gelatinous red stuff that's fully loaded with bad sugar and preservatives?

cranberry sauce with real berriesRaw Cranberry Sauce made with real cranberries. This is appropriate for any meal all year long and not just during the holidays. It's sweet and delicious.

Make your own raw cranberries sauce anytime cranberries are in season. It doubles as a raw food dessert you can enjoy even if it's not Thanksgiving!

No need to simmer. No pots and pans needed. So go get your berries and get that blender ready. It's done in a matter of minutes!

This Raw Cranberry Sauce is full of live nutrients that your body needs! Make this good really tasty fruit sauce. Guaranteed you'll get hooked and you will never go back to that dead canned gelatinous red sauce ever again.

It's so easy, there's absolutely no cooking necessary here. Just let your Amazing High Speed Blender do all the uncooking!

Fresh Raw Cranberry Sauce Recipe

  • 1 package of cranberries or about 3 cups
  • 12 pitted Medjol Dates soaked in water for a few hours
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 2 or more tablespoons of Raw Honey for that sweet tooth

(If you are Vegan, you can substitute honey with Agave nectar or maple syrup but bear in mind that Dates are already sweet)

Go out and buy some fresh cranberries! Get some medjol dates too. If you happen to pass by those canned cranberry sauces on the shelves, leave them there because that's where they belong - not in your body!

Wash the cranberries thoroughly and put them in your high speed blender. If you ain't got one, get something like the Blendtec Blender.

Add the soaked dates. If you forget to soak the dates, no worries. The high speed blender will pulverized them making them all creamy.

Add the cinnamon, vanilla extract, your preferred sweetener and a pinch of salt.

Give it a whirl then serve it in a pretty bowl.

I licked my finger and I liked it! Raw cranberry sauce can be eaten as is like a raw food dessert. You can smother it on top of toasted natural bread and it taste better than that icky butter. 

Who needs a jar of jam or fruit preserves? They're called preserves because they have preservatives in them. Use this cranberry sauce as a spread for your toasted sprouted bread in place of butter, jam or preserves. Guaranteed your body will like it better.

Fresh cranberry sauce should be made as soon as they're available, why wait until the holidays? 

Never go back to canned gelatinous glob they call sauce ever again. Make it fresh because it's got all that live nutrients that's so healthy for you.

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