Drink fresh carrot juice for breakfast everyday and be just like a bunny with excellent vision. 

Ever tasted fresh carrot juice straight from the juicer? If you haven't, then you don't know what you're missing. It tastes simply amazing!

There's something about fresh carrot juice. I love it so much that I can drink it everyday and I don't care if I turn orange. They're so delicious for breakfast or as an anytime beverage.

Organic carrot juice grown in a backyard garden. They look weird because they're organic.

Freshly extracted carrot juice has become my ultimate favorite along with a combination of other fruits and vegetables. I think nature made carrots just perfect for juicing. They're shaped as if they're made for the juicer.

You can just feed them to the chute and there you have it - a glass of wonderful delicious freshly extracted breakfast beverage packed with live nutrients that your body needs.

Carrots are available all seasons. They are also priced pretty reasonable. If you have access to gardening then go right ahead and plant some. You will not be disappointed with the results. They are fairly easy to grow and the results is always amazing.

Carrot juice has been known to help cancer patients. With its wide array of medicinal properties, you don't have to wonder. Even bright eyed bugs bunny will agree with you. It's delicious and loaded with nutrients.

Try this combination:

  • -5 extra large weird looking garden carrots
  • -a thumb size ginger for zing

This combo produces a glass of delicious nectar made in heaven. It is so tasty that it'll make the angels sing. Beats that pasteurized packaged, boxed or bottled juices that are stripped off of nutrients.

The health benefits of carrot juice alone is enough reason why you should start juicing them. They're great for your eyes, for your skin and they just taste great. Pair them with apples and oranges and you get a yum in a glass that is so addicting! 

So why not buy a bunch of carrots and start drinking fresh carrot juice

Carrots are a great base for all juicing recipes. They have just enough sweetness that's perfect for mixing with other veggies. 

Make juicing carrots a part of your complete breakfast if you are starting a vegetarian diet plan. It's also a great beverage when you are on a raw vegan diet.

Drink up your betacarotene everyday. Start carrot juicing! Rake up the benefits of carrot juice. Your body will thank you.

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