FREE Vegetarian Recipes collected from near and far.

We know you want them - a collection of great and free vegetarian recipes from all over the land. You will find a lot of them on this pages as it gets populated.

Would you like to add one of your favorite? You go right ahead and use the form below. This spot is just for that so we can share and infect the world with a virus of health. Let's paint the town green.

Wouldn't it be nice to a have a vegetarian diet meal plan laid down to a perfect science? We'll dedicate this page for it. Feel free to come in once in a while to see what's been recently uploaded.

Load up a scrumptious food from breakfast to lunch to vegetarian dinner recipe and whether it's a healthy Asian food, American food or your favorite ethnic food.

Beyond Doughnuts and French Fries

We can have French Fries or doughnuts and call it a vegetarian meal. But, mannn, you gotta love yourself and have a real veggie meal. Post a photo of a favorite recipe and tell a story behind it. Share your thoughts and a recipe. Who knows who you may inspire and follow the lifestyle.

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Morning Fruit Shake 
Here's a morning fruit shake that's from a magazine insert. It's funny that years ago, like 10 decades ago yogurt is considered a healthy alternative …

Sunflower Strawberry Salad 
Here's a strawberry salad recipe snippet from an old magazine. Check out the ingredients below, but please don't use yogurt. For some reason, yogurt leaves …

Here's a snippet of an old but really super delicious saucy and savory baked beans recipe. You can dress up a can of beans in a jiffy here. With some …

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