Former United States President Bill Clinton is almost Vegan!

Former United States President has become Vegan.

Former United States President has become Vegan.

Former United States President is definitely almost vegan. Why is it almost? Well, it's because it's been rumored that his doctors want him to eat some wild caught salmon for some valid reason. But Bill would rather not have it and go straight veggie.

You didn't know? Read it somewhere, who doesn't know about him being vegan? Anything that this former president does goes public, like (insert joke here). But yeah, he had a heart attack before he went vegan.

Well, can you blame him? There so much toxic in our waters these days. All the oil spills, the Japan nuclear plant leak and other pollutants plus mercury and all that, eating fish has gone scary.

Those salmon they claim that are wild caught aren't really wild. They lied. Salmon can be farmed easily these days. So why take the chance. You can't be hunting for the wild caught. Almost everybody these days lie for the sake of money. Salmon farming is very profitable.

And... have you heard in the news? They even have a GMO salmon these days. Humans are just itching to get their hands on fooling around and altering everything natural these days. Who wants to eat a cloned salmon? Yuk.

A while back, Bill had noted that he would've been a full pledge vegan if it isn't for the traditional piece of turkey on Thanksgiving. But he just go for
a piece and no more bird flesh after that for the rest of the year. Would really love to read more update on his Thanksgiving vegetarian menu.

The former US President was also featured in a CNN show a while back and it was called: "The Last Heart Attack". He talked about the vegan lifestyle and it's health benefits. The show was talking about how the vegan lifestyle can reverse heart disease and other (in fact) lots of diseases.

There is a science behind veganism if the former President adapted this lifestyle. He was at high risk of heart disease so he has chosen to become a strict vegetarian to reverse the disease - and he did it successfully and deliciously. Food is truly a medicine.

Bill Clinton became vegan in the year 2010 when he was rushed to the hospital with chest pains and have undergone emergency surgery, remember that news? It's been reported that he has a quadruple coronary bypass surgery 6 years prior. But now he's a veggie. No more bypass surgery. He's all better now.

The last time he was rumored, he was saying that he feels good, his numbers are good and believe it or not he's got a lot of energy too. He noted that being vegan has kept him alive.

Hooray to the former US Pres... way to go Bill. Good job! Wishing you many years to live!

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