American Filipino Vegetarian - Are you one?

I'm a Filipino vegetarian living in the US of A. I am not a roast pig eater nor a Chicken Adobo fan let alone a 'Balut' lover. Sorry about that.

To me, Filipino vegetarian foods are just so colorful, clean and tasty. I was never a fan of chicken adobo. I really think 'bagoong' is real nasty. It's nothing but rotten little fishes decomposing in a jar - and they stink like it too. 'Balut' is an unborn chicken from a hen that was forced into abortion by humans.

Filipino Dessert called BibingkaBlack rice cake called 'Bibingka'. This one is made of black rice with some 'Ube' (purple yam). Because this is made with rice which is grain and Ube which is a starchy root, it is very filling.

Being a Filipino vegetarian, I kinda have the benefits. I don't get the hot flashes that most women have. I don't have to kill myself with exercise in order to lose weight or deprive myself of food. 

There are just so many vegetarian foods to choose from that work well for me.

Check out some favorites below.

Besides Pancit Bihon, Lumpia, Food cooked with coconut milk, here are some Filipino Food List:

Rice Puto

Puto rice cake is one of my favorite. It's a sweet rice cake that you can have for a snack or anytime you're hungry.

Puto rice cakes are filling and will satisfy your craving for that authentic dessert you used to eat back when you were a kid as a Pinoy.

Hopia is another Pinoy vegetarian food. But be aware that there are hopia that's made with pork. You can choose the ones that are made with mungos or mung beans. Hopia made with beans for sure has protein content in them. Since when did you have a dessert that's loaded with protein? Get you hopia and pack in all that protein.

Filipino Hopia Mongo or Mung Beans
Purple Yam Sweets

Purple yams are just like some women, they're prettier in their natural way without make-up. This purple yam sweets are lipsmackingly tasty and it's another version of a Pinoy vegetarian dessert. Most of the time, these are made with coconut milk and the actual natural purple yams called Ube.

Halo-Halo. The ultimate in Filipino dessert that's way better than ice cream. You can't go wrong with this glass of colorful yum. This is when you think you can actually put beans in your dessert. You have to get a long spoon to dig in to the bottom of this to get all the goodness. 

Filipino Halo-Halo

My mother was a non-veggie I suppose but she was a transitional vegetarian or an occasional vegetarian by circumstance and not by her own choosing. People just eat more real clean food back then.

What does all those terms mean? In her time, meat sources were scarce. She was a World War II babe and she had stories about the poverty when they ate nothing but mashed sweet potatoes with coconut milk. Did they have protein deficiency? Nope. They were just fine. 

Check out this video about how I make those amazing Filipino Lumpia the vegetarian way:

So, being an American-Filipino vegetarian is easy. I have more choices than ever so don't you worry about me. Wink.

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