Yummy Filipino Vegetables - Where do you find them in your world?

Introducing an un-comprehensive list of Filipino vegetables that you can grow in your own backyard. They're nutritious and makes you feel homey.

Filipino vegetables are widely available these days in different market place. But if you haven't try them yet, and they're still foreign to you, let's introduce them to you right here.

Filipino veggiesWater Spinach or River Spinach also known as 'Kang-Kong' and Red Leaf Potato young leaves harvested locally in the Philippines when I took a vacation there.

You may have access to an Indian marketplace. Places like these are similar to any other Asian stores. They have similar products, beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables and so many other exotic produce coming in on a dailly.

There are so many yummy oriental vegetables. If you happen to visit the country, never miss going to the 'palengke' which is an open market where the locals sells all kinds of beautiful fresh produce.

Basic List of Filipino Vegetables

Long Bottle Gourds
Banana Blossoms
Sweet Potato Leaves
Pili Nuts
Kalamansi or Lemosito

Here's a list of Filipino vegetables. While this is incomplete, they're the favorite of every Pinoy and are sorely missed when they get out of the country. You might know some of these already, but, question is: where do you find them?

  • Sitaw - These are long beans. They're great for making adobong sitaw. 
  • Bittermelons - They're called 'ampalaya'. You can grow this in the summer. These can also be found in any Asian store. Indian supermarkets sell them too. These are very good when cooking for diabetics.
  • Japanese Eggplants - These are the long purple eggplants
  • Hot Peppers - if you want it 'caliente'. Go for it.
  • Bottle Gourd - the long ones. They are also called 'Upo'. They can grow here in the U.S. as well.
  • Kamote - sweet red potatoes. Some of them even come in purple. They're similar to yams. The tops/leaves are even more nutritious.
  • Kalamansi - the tiny little round lemons. They're great for an edible ornamental indoor plants that are useful.
  • Okra - you know this one. Slimy but yummy!
  • Kang-kong (River spinach) - These are excellent as kang-kong adobo
  • Petchay a.k.a. Bokchoy - (pictured above) a favorite green leafy veggie
  • Singkamas (Jicama) - looks like a potato, sweet and crunchy. Meant to be eaten raw.
  • Chayote - used for sauteing or making soups and the like.
  • Bamboo shoots - excellent with coconut milk.
  • Coconut hearts (Ubod) - the edible part of the coconut tree.
  • Dahon Sili- Leaves of the pepper plant
  • Dahon Kamote - leaves of the sweet potato plant. They come in red and green.
  • Banana Blossoms - Flowers of the banana tree
  • Kamunggay or Malunggay - So many health benefits!

There are so many other Filipino vegetables out there. To really experience and eat each and every one of these veggies, you have to take a trip to the Philippines and eat them.

Still wondering what to do with that green papaya you got there? Make that delicious 'Atsara' a.k.a pickled green papaya salad recipe already. 

Want some delicious Filipino fruits as well? You don't have to travel 10,000 miles away to the tropics to get them. Visit your local Asian markets near you. Who knows, you might find some vegetarian lumpia out there. 

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