Favorite Filipino Street Foods

If you're planning to do some gallivanting the city streets in the Philippines, please try some amazing Filipino street foods!

If you've been there, lived there, done that and have eaten Filipino street foods, then congratulations! Here's more to make your mouth water.

Filipino Street FoodsThis is a bananacue. These are skewered ripe plantain bananas coated with caramelized sugar. These are just one among the many other street foods you'll come across the street markets in the Philippines.

There are so many Filipino street foods being sold in the the street markets in the Philippines. 

Street foods can range from unhealthy ones that are not so pleasing to the eyes like barbecued chicken feet to really yummy vegan food like sweet rice desserts, steamy hot salted peanuts, semi-ripe mangoes, organic corn on the cobs and so many other whole foods.

If you've been to the Philippines or you're from there, then you'll know what where talking about here. Even Andrew Zimmerns noted that Filipino food might just be the next big thing in America.

Just saying 'No' to weird Filipino delicacies such as the 'Balut' (unborn chicken embryo) or the array of poor pigs roasting in an open pit of inferno.

Would rather have favorite snacks such as 'Bibingka' made with rice flour and Purple Yams called Ube.

Just like the hotdog vendors in the streets of Manhattan New York, the Philippines has so many street vendors as well. We have a range of whole foods and those that are really weird to an average tourist.

If you are vegan or vegetarian traveling the Philippines, rest assured that you will survive. There so many yummy Filipino street foods that you can count on.

You'll see those Filipino Woks or Kawali cooking up something delish from fried bananas to just about anything.
Binibid, made with rice flour and fried to perfection dusted with fine sugar.

We'll focus on just whole yummy vegan Filipino food sold in the street markets there that are out of this world.

Usually, the snacks are mostly made with sweet rice flour. You'll see them cooking 'sinapot' (fried bananas) in coconut oil and they'll give it to you piping hot in banana leaves! 

Filipino Puto Kutsinta

Vendors in the Philippine street markets are not your typical street vendors in New York city where they have hot dog stands and Falafel carts.

Street food vendors in the Philippines just find their spot in a corner selling home cooked goodies such as 'suman' (sweet sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves or some other type of sweet desserts.

'Puto' comes in various types. You have the rice puto, the kutsinta puto and so many others. 

Exotic fruits are seen almost all over the 'palengke' (outdoor supermarket).

Besides the obvious dried fishes that stink up the entire place, you will find so many other Pinoy foods that are sure to please your palate. 

Mind you, Pinoy snacks are easy to make wherever you may live these days. Most supermarkets now carry Filipino food ingredients.

So put on your Filipino Kitchen Apron and get cooking!

Here's how to make Espasol a.k.a Roasted Rice Dessert. This stuff is really yummy. 

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