Filipino Lumpia recipe - the vegetarian version of the original ghetto meat filled spring roll.

Asian countries have their own version of Spring Roll. Here's a Filipino Lumpia recipe without the meat based filling.

This vegetarian Filipino lumpia recipe a.k.a. Lumpia Shanghai is one of the simple vegetarian recipes in Philippine cuisine. Lumpia is gotta be the Filipino interpretation of the Chinese spring roll or say, egg roll in America.

Vegetable LumpiaVegetable Lumpia a.k.a Lumpia Gulay. This is a Filipino favorite and a traditional Pinoy food that's very popular. This is the vegetarian version of the traditional pork and chicken based ones.

Yeah, there's the Mexican burrito and there's the Filipino lumpia too! Every country has a Ghetto spring roll, eh? Ay, naku!

Most Filipino lumpia recipe are dominated by meat fillings, mostly pork, chicken and sometimes shrimp with a mix of vegetables like cabbage and carrots wrapped in paper thin spring roll wrappers then crispy fried in hot oil.

The fried lumpia are the most served in Filipino tables. But let's get that converted to a vegetarian version. It still taste authentically amazing!

This finger food can be good for any time of day whenever you're hungry. It's crispy the outside and full of tasty and crunchy vegetables on the inside. This stuff is found totally addicting.

Here's a vegetarian Filipino Spring Roll for you:

Crispy fried in hot coconut oil. Make a batch today! Freeze some. Serve some!

This Filipino food is addicting. It can be served with noodles or just eat them as is - like a snack any time you're hungry. 

Reach for these crunchy rolls filled with flavorful vegetables.

Snack on something that has nutritional benefits.

Filling Ingredients:

  • Cabbage - shredded
  • Carrots - juelined
  • Onions - chopped
  • Garlic - chopped
  • Ginger - minced finely
  • Mushrooms - any type

Saute the garlic and onion in a bit oil, add the others, stir until tender crisp and set aside to cool. Season with soy sauce.

How to wrap Lumpia

When the filling cooled off a bit, wrap the filling in as shown from the corner of the wrapper to the other corner tucking the corners in tight.  The wrappers (can be found in any Asian store) should hold about 2 tablespoonfuls of the vegetable filling. 

When the fillings are wrapped, deep fry them in hot oil. Coconut oil is most preferable. After all, it's a Filipino dish, coconut oil is widely used in the Philippines. It's rated the healthiest oil out there being most of the oils that are produced in the US are GMO (genetically modified). So, coconut oil is the king of oils in my kitchen.

Filipino Lumpia RecipeVegetarian Lumpia Served with Yellow Rice

Lumpia can be served with just about anything from noodles to rice or they can be enjoyed as snack. Dip 'em in sweet & sour sauce and enjoy.

This easy vegetarian recipe is very economical and a much healthier than the meat based lumpia. It has plenty of fiber and the taste is still authentic without the meat. 

Suggested Cookware: Cook it in a wok for more wiggle room!

This versatile appliance can be used as a mixing bowl, a pot to boil something in, even a dish pan and what's it intended for - sauteing, frying and stir-frying delicious dishes.

The bigger the wok, the better.  Woks have more room than the traditional fry pan!

As with pizza, burritos or tacos... this stuff is in that category of yummies with excellent added health benefits from the vegetables. Look for them in Asian restaurants near you and do not hesitate to try them. 

This type of Filipino Lumpia recipe only calls for vegetables and simple seasonings only. You can make 50 rolls or more using 1 cabbage head and a couple of carrots. You don't have to fry them all. Freeze them for future use.

Other recipes that will go perfect with your vegetarian lumpia or Filipino Lumpia Gulay.

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