Filipino Food Market - The 'Palengke'

If you haven't been to a Filipino food market in the Philippines, here's a sneak peek of it. 

There are lots of fun at a Filipino food market. You'll get to see unusual fruits and vegetables plus a whole lot of other cool stuff going on inside. 

Mangoes in the PhilippinesFruits as seen inside the Filipino (Palengke) Market in Naga City, Bicol Philippines. You'll find unusual exotic fruits and vegetables including vegetarian street foods plus other cool stuff.

Careening from stall to stall through an open food market in Naga City in Bicol region of the Philippines, it felt like traveling back in time to 33 something years ago feeling like a kid again!

After so many years living in the U.S., I have forgotten what it's like to eat real non-GMO corn again.

One of my favorite Filipino street food is naturally grown corn that taste starchy and not watery like the usual supermarket corn sold in the U.S. - they're delicious in every bite!

Fresh Filipino food is all over the place when you go inside the palengke. You'll find so many Pinoy food from sweet to salty and to every taste that your palate desires. You can indulge and rest assured that they're all naturally cooked with native plant based ingredients.

It's quite okay if you don't agree but to tell you the truth, the best amazing juiciest and sweetest mangoes are found in the Philippines. The mangoes there come in oblong shapes with yellow skin and they're addicting.

Fish Market inside the Palengke - A Pescetarian's haven.

Filipino Fish MarketAs seen inside a Filipino market - a Pescatarian's place of choice. If you're picky about eating clean fish, you'll find wild caught fishes from the ones dried in the sun, salted or smoked.

The Philippines is a fish-eating country much like any other Asian country in the world. If you are trying to avoid genetically modified food or farmed fishes like salmon but still like to eat fish every so often, you can count on the fish sold in a Filipino market. 

These fishes come from the Pacific ocean and not farmed. 

Besides native Pinoy food, there are a lot of other cool things going on inside the market. You go deeply into every nook and cranny of the place and not only that you'll see Filipino food shops selling fresh Filipino foods but you'll find lots of native handicrafts as well.

One thing I enjoy watching is how the coconuts are prepared for cooking. They open it right there in front of you. Though, I cringed on how much coconut water were wasted that I had to ask if they can open one for me so I can drink the fresh water from it. 

Gotta tell you, the coconut water is so fresh that when you drink it, you'll feel little tingles in your tongue!

If you plan on traveling to the Philippines, include this experience in your agenda. Take a ride to a Filipino food market. It's one thing you don't want to skip.

Here's a video of my adventure inside a Pinoy food market called Palengke.

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