Filipino Food List - Authentic food that will make you want to get packing and head to the Philipines.

This Filipino food list is non-comprehensive. They are an absolute must try if you haven't already.

When it comes to Filipino food list, I got some absolute favorites that I cannot live without. Even my knees shake when I can't eat rice! 

Pinoy Food listFavorite Filipino Food display that are totally vegetarian and even vegan. Shown in the picture above are Suman, Ibus, Hopia mungo, and Banana Turon.

After 31 years living in the United States, I got to visit my brother in Naga City Philippines for a week.

I was able to experience the taste of authentic food once again after more than 3 decades of eating American food the American way.

I have traveled from JFK New York to Narita Airport in Tokyo, then hop on another plane to Manila. From Manila International airport I took the Philippine Airlines to get to Naga City where my brother lives.

While I was on the plane looking down the valley with all those coconut trees, all I could think of was authentic Filipino food that I will be eating while on a my short stay there.

On my first day, my sister in law bought some dinner in a Filipino version of Japanese Bento boxes. I picked the coconut milk infused taro leaves called 'ginataang gabi'. or 'Laing'.

I haven't had 'Laing' in so, so long. We're talking 31 years of missing this delicious vegetarian Filipino food.

I didn't care much for all the other stuff. That taro leaves with coconut milk just hit the spot despite of jet-lag and horrendous dehydration from the 30 hour plane ride!

Boy, did I cleaned my plate well. 

Favorite vegetarian Filipino list - Snacks:

Puto Kutsinta - not too sweet but just right.

... the rest? Well, you just have to pack up and travel 10,000 miles away to taste them all. I can only sign for authentic vegetarian Filipino food found here.

So, it's just too bad that I only had a very short stay there. But in that short stay, I got see my brother once again. Breath some Filipino air and gee wiz, it was really hot and humid even in the month of September!

Here are other Filipino Vegetarian food to try.

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