Vegetarian Filipino Dishes - Defeat the battle of the bulge! Top Pinoy foods made vegetarian friendly.

Favorite Filipino dishes that can make you feel homey. That's living without deprivation.

Filipino dishes specially Adobo reminds me of The APL Song by Black Eyed Peas where (Bebot) Alan Pineda sings about the Filipino food he grew up with back in his homeland and the Ghetto of it all. 

vegetarian Filipino FoodFavorite Filipino vegetarian food snacks: Suman, Ibos, Hopia, Turon and lots of other Pinoy yummies to will get drooling all over.

Yes, we know there are a gazzilion Filipino foods out there. Some of them are even questionable to those who weren't born or lived in the Philippines. Some have attracted world cuisines and culinary curiousness even.

No we don't serve an unborn chicken or duck here called 'Balut'. Nor we rave about a poor pig burnt in a pit of inferno and served to a crowd of carnivores. Heck no, I'm never a fan of chicken Adobo. That never sat well with me. I just think eating animals is unnecessary. But, that's just me. We can still be friends.

If you live anywhere else in the world and you are from the Philippines, here are some Filipino food to make you feel at home.

Wear the Adobo Filipino Kitchen Apron and make that Adobong Sitaw a.k.a Asian long beans Filipino adobo style!

Vegetarian Vegan Filipino Food

We'll let the chickens and the poor pigs live. Tasty and cruelty-free meat substitutes are used in these vegetarian Filipino food recipes.

Taro Leaves with Coconut Milk
Cooking with Coconut Milk
Coconut Brown Rice

Completely Vegan Filipino Dessert Recipes and snack sampler

Put on that Filipino Kitchen Apron and let's make some more!
Purple Yam IceCream
Filipino Suman
Filipino fruits
Puto KutsintaFilipino Puto Kutsinta
Pinoy DessertPichi Pichi
Calamay-Hati or Maja Blanca
Pulvoron or Flour Candy
Vegetarian Siopao
Vegetarian Empanada

Veganizing Filipino food that I grew up with is a quest that I do for the past 33 plus years. If you are Filipino living in America or anywhere outside the Philippine Islands, you just need these in your life!

But, no need to travel far into the Pacific just to eat all the authentic food you grew up with.

Are you a Filipino American and a Filipino Vegetarian? Pleased to meet you! No? Not a veggie? That's okay, we can still be friends.

But let's have some vegetarian Pinoy food on the double! Let's go get some! Dig deeper here and you'll find them all over this site.

Food tastes better and taste clean without the animal byproducts. Veganizing Filipino dishes is fairly easy. Just use your imagination and you're good.

You just have to think what goes into your body. You know, after several days, you become what you ingest. The cells in your body regenerates and whatever you put in it becomes you. 

Load up on MUSHROOMS. Mushrooms replaced the meat in these Filipino vegetarian food recipes. Gotta love this fungus! They're rich in polysaccharides and they're delicious. 

Put down the animal burger and up your mushrooms. Put on your Filipino Kitchen Apron . Or, else... I'll tell the Mario Brothers on you!
Oyster MushroomsOyster mushrooms replaces meat in vegetarian Filipino dishes.

Becoming vegetarian is actually easier than you think. You can easily convert your favorite traditional Filipino Dishes into a healthier vegetarian food. 

C'mon and try it.

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