Filipino Delicacy - Vegetarian style

Culinary fascination around the world have focused on some weird Filipino delicacy such as Balut, an unborn chicken or duck. But let's let the duckling hatch and have something else. 

Favorite Filipino delicacy like 'Pancit Bihon' is a popular Filipino food that can be made totally vegetarian. They can be available even when you're not in the Philippines.

Vegetarian Filipino Pancit Bihon with mushrooms. Original recipe calls for either diced pork or chicken and shrimp. This dish is strictly vegetarian and still yummy.

There's no need for pork, chicken or sea bugs in this Filipino Pancit Bihon. Mushrooms are just as tasty and no animals suffer and died for this.

The Philippines is not exactly a vegetarian nation. It's a fish eating country much like Japan and all other Asian countries. Because it's in an archipelago, fish is a staple in a Filipino diet. Rice is the base food there and they can cook some really yummy rice desserts!

There are so many yummy vegetarian vegan Filipino delicacies that are popular in the Philippines and they're even available to Filipinos around the world.  You can get acquainted with the area you live in and you're bound to find a Filipino food market somehow.

Living in New York for thirty something years, we go to our favorite Filipino food store and cart in all kinds of noodles like Pancit Bihon and the whole nine yards. They  carry cooked Pinoy foods too specially on Saturdays. They go to Chinatown and stock up on Filipino snack foods like siopao, hopia mongo, puto and the like!

Now that we live in South Florida, we still enjoy traditional Lutong Pinoy which means: traditional Filipino food.

Folks in the suburbs eat healthier than those who live in the city for sure. I guess no matter where you go in the world, the poorer the people are, the more they lean towards vegetarian foods. If they eat meat, it would be organic meat from the animals they raised themselves.

Suburban foods are no doubt so much healthier than the meat based and processed foods that the city people eat.

A non-vegan delicacy that got so popular with culinary curiousness all over the world is the 'Balut'. It's an unborn chicken or even duck that's been boiled and it's really gross looking inside with that baby bird and all.

Forget that. That never sat on me, like ever!

Another Filipino delicacy is the ever famous Chicken Adobo. There is no substitute for chicken meat in the Philippines nor there's any substitute for fish neither. They eat the real thing or nothing at all.

So if you are leaning towards vegan or vegetarian food and you are traveling to the Philippines, go for the rice dishes. Whether they're a rice dessert or snack, they're vegetarian friendly. 

So forget the 'Balut' or the barbecued chicken feet. Let the duckling hatch for crying out loud. There are other yummy popular Filipino food that are so much healthier.

Here's a video making a vegetarian pancit bihon guisado:

There are other Filipino delicacies that are not just vegan friendly but they're also absolutely whole foods.

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