The Fast Food Vegetarian. Fruit, the original fast food.

Being a fast food vegetarian doesn't mean you have to eat a lot of food that are unhealthy! Try fruits for fast food!

C'mon! Be a fast food vegetarian eating raw food comprised of all the favorite fruits you love! This lifestyle is easier than restricting yourself and counting calories. You will never ever say 'DIET' ever again!

South Florida FruitsScoring on a perfectly ripe Jackfruit at a Farmers Market in South Miami Florida where you'll find a variety of exotic fruits fresher than they'll ever be.

Let's get a little fruity here.

Think of a vegetarian bodybuilder. They thrive on a vegan diet eating raw food chowing down on lots of fruits like there's no tomorrow!

There are raw vegan and fruitarian athletes who do the same. They have no issues with building muscles whatsoever!

No. Don't ask them where they get their protein from. That question is too old.

To be a fast food vegetarian, (we don't mean burgers, fries and downing some carbonated beverages at a fast food chain) you get to eat a lot of foods to your heart's content without ever feeling guilty of anything.

Fruits make the best fast foods. You pick them, you peel them and you eat them. That's fast, simple and nutritious food without question!

mangoes of South FloridaGigantic home grown Florida mangoes make the best meal anytime, anywhere. These tropical fruits are most favored by raw food enthusiasts.

If I have to be addicted to something, it should be mangoes. It's a good addiction. 

Persimmons are like mangoes in the winter. It's easy to get addicted to mangoes and persimmons. Mangoes come in different types and they're available at any supermarket these days. They're there waiting for you to be had.

Eating these fruits for a meal is way better than downing a cheese burger made with mystery animal flesh that's been dead long ago.  Eating fresh fruits detoxifies the body because of the water content.

Fruits maintain the body's normal ph level making it non-acidic. Eating fruits cleans the colon because of the fiber content in the fruit making your tummy squeaky clean. When the colon is clean, it can absorb all the nutrients of the food you eat efficiently.

The benefits of a fast food veggie:

With eating mainly fruits as your meals, you will have less dishes to clean because all you have to do is rinse whatever you used and you're good. No scrubbing greasy baked on cakey icky stuff. Unless you make a fruit salad, then there will be more dishes involved that only need rinsing.

Most fruits are easy to peel like a good old banana. Because of the water content of most fruits, your skin will be more supple and clear as well. Who needs make-up that awfully clogs the pores! Let's be practical.

Too much sugar you say? The sugar content of that cup of Starbucks latte or bottle of carbonated beverage you're drinking has more (bad) sugar than the average fruit from mother earth.

Though, if you are diabetic, then you have to watch your limit eating sweet fruits. Might as well consult with your doctor first before diving into one of those pile of mangoes. But if you're not, why not just eat sweet juicy fruits to your heart's content?

Life is short, and there are just so many yummy fruits! Take the raw vegan diet challenge!

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