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New York Sicilian Pizza

New York Sicilian Pizza

New York Sicilian Pizza
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It's good to have a variety in life they say. They also said, it's good to have everything in moderation. The 'everything in moderation' believers are those who just cannot get away from something, for example eating animals.

And we don't mean animal crackers!

When you say: have everything in moderation really means that it's okay for you to have bad stuff. So, no. I don't believe in that. Would you do drugs in moderation? No. Alcohol? Well, maybe. But keep in mind that those stuff are addictive.

Do you have an addictive personality? If you do, be careful.

Trouble starts with having stuff in moderation. For example, if a teenager starts having a cigarette, coughs and gags from it at first try, after the 2nd and 3rd try, they're addicted to cigarettes and they'll be a slave for life. It will be very hard to quit.

Moderation leads to addiction.

Before, I've never liked cheese. The smell of cheese made me gag. They smell like stinky socks that's been worn twice and dirty. You know, that smell when you think you have an athlete's foot problem. Yeah, some cheeses smell like that because it's from an animal secretion!

Milk has a protein compound called casein. Mother nature intended it for the baby and the mother to develop a bond for each other. Cheese has concentrated form of casein. So it's not surprising if people gets addicted to cheeses. It's hard for some people to stay away from cheese.

I'm married to a cheese loving family who loves their cheeses grated and topped on their pasta. They cooked with cheeses and think that food just becomes heavenly with a bunch of curdled cow's secretion.

I've never liked cheese, but by trying to fit in, after a few try, I couldn't get away from
cheese. I was addicted to them.

As with any habit, good or bad, it only takes 28 to 30 days to develop whether you have an addicted personality or not. Though, on the other hand if you have a will power to quit, you can do it and live healthier for the rest of your life.

I'm back to just eating basic food without that gunk on top of my plate. I'll eat some pizza but I'm not addicted or chained to it. The smell of a dirty socks that was behind my thoughts came back. I don't go overboard with cheese. I'm fine if I don't have it.

What stinks so good before now stinks so bad. Just a bite of pizza and I'm good.

It's will power. It's mind over matter.

Think of all the baby cows that's been taken away from their mothers so the bad farmers can steal their milk so they can make cheese to feed you instead! Think about that!

So yeah, everything in moderation is really not a good practice in my opinion. Trying things in moderation leads to bad habits and addiction.

If you wanna get addicted to something, it should be Yoga. It's a good habit.

I think the best diet of all is to be a practical vegetarian or even conscious omnivore. As a practical vegetarian, you eat as much vegetarian food as much as possible, wherever its available. When you're on travel just do your best and pick the healthiest food available without beating yourself up with a wet noodle.

Boy, that Sicilian New York pizza looks good, doesn't it? Have some but don't overdo it. Order it with a load of mushrooms. I'll have a small piece. I'm a practical vegetarian. After all, life is meant to be enjoyed!

Thanks for listenin'.

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