Eating After A Dental Implant

So, what do you eat after a dental implant surgery? Well, that was my dilemma. Maybe, you can give some pointers here. Besides swallowing those prescribed Ibuprofen for pain and antibiotic pills which aren't food, what do you eat to promote healing?

I just needed to ask.

There's no rinsing or spitting after dental implant surgery, otherwise you'll bleed from the implant area and demote healing. I can't even sip any liquid for crying out loud. So sipping some healthy fruit and vegetable smoothies are out of my list for a few days. Sipping through a straw activates the bleeding. That's all you need. So, just none of that for a bit.

The instruction was to prop my head up when I sleep for the first two nights. Otherwise, the bruising will be where the gravity is. Eating was uncomfortable and sleeping was a real discomfort as well. I had to sleep sitting up on the couch for a couple of nights.

Let me tell you, the swelling was terrible that my lips turned black and blue running into the bottom of my jaw. Darn gravity pulled it down. I looked like I was beaten and punched in the face. The bruising lasted for more than 7 days. I got nervous so I called my dentist the second day and I was checked. My dentist assured me that I was fine. It's just that some people swell up and bruise more than others.

Was he lying?

I thought, Hmm... my prior implants didn't do that. In fact, I went back to work the very next day! So what's up with the swelling and bruising? But then I've researched and found out that some people do swell and bruise more than others. I just fell in that bracket. Lucky me.

The prescription was a round of antibiotics and an 800 mg Ibuprofen for the whole week. It didn't hurt as much so I only took the pain medicine just for the initial two days. You know I oppose to pain medications. They can put a hole in your stomach. The antibiotics can kill all the good bacteria in your gut as well. That's a double whammy of a slam right there.

If you haven't had any dental implant, consider yourself one of the luckiest human on the planet. For some people, teeth just don't last long. I am one of those humans with weak teeth.

Did I consumed enough calcium? Did I brush my teeth and floss often? Is it the lack of fluoride that did it or it's because I had fluoride treatments? The world may never know.

Everything is controversial these days. What's good for you before is no longer good for you today. One day they rave about calcium and fluoride, the next day they're demonizing them saying they're evil for the teeth.


The truth is, life is good with a good set of teeth so you can enjoy all the good food. When I say good food, I mean sinking into yummy vegetarian food and juicy fruits. What good is it if you can't have those?

So my diet for the first two days after the dental surgery was a very thick fruit smoothie. I put it in a cup and spooned it being so careful not to touch my boo-boo. Then I made vegetarianyums' ever famous Avocado Chocolate Pudding for lunch which is really a dessert. I spooned them too and shove each spoonful at the back of my mouth being careful not to touch the stitches.

Dinner was cold soup and cold tea. No hot liquid. More healthy smoothies.

Then back to the dentist to have the stitches removed as scheduled after seven days. The swelling has gone down considerably but the area of the implant was still raw. So there were no stitches removed. I was prescribed another round of Amoxicillin antibiotics just in case.

I'm eating cut-up garlic dill pickles cutting them up like I did when my kids were little so that they don't choke. Other mothers called me over-protective for doing that to them until they're passed 4 years old. I didn't care. I'm living my life for myself and not for others.

See what happens when you get old? You start eating like a kid, I thought.

But that's besides the point. I need some pickles because there goes my intestinal flora. Pickles are good to replenish good bacteria. Wishing that I have some Natto too. I needed it for gut health.

Word of advice: Take care of your teeth. It's the only real set you'll ever get.

Thanks for reading.

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