Eat Your Carrots!

Eat More Carrots For Your Eyes!

Eat More Carrots For Your Eyes!

I have a problem with making appointments with doctors. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why I am sticking to my vegetarian diet. With this lifestyle, I go to them less often.

I had to wait 3 months in advance to get an appointment to see a good eye doctor in my area. I've chosen one with 30 plus years experience in the field. My other problem with appointments is that it cost so much money just to see a doctor. Just for them to say: "Open your mouth and say Aaah" costs you hundreds of dollars. Drawing your blood for a test to find out what's wrong with you will cost just as much these days!

Looking at my Cigna Insurance, it doesn't give me a lot of options as far as where I can go that's closer to where I work. That's my problem with doctor's appointments - the hassle, life is busy. But it's time for me to get my second eye exam. Working with computers causes you to have vision issues and I work on these suckers everyday!

As we get older, our vision changes. According to recent studies, vegetarians are less likely to get cataracts or should I say 'delays' getting the disease from 8-10 years according to research. Yeah. I'm glad I am a veggie and loving it!

They have dilated my eyes to the point that I thought I saw the brightest sun in the universe. It was uncomfortable and I was tearing like crazy. They put me in a room to wait to see the doctor and his assistant while my vision was all blurry from those drops they put in my eyes.

Funny, that girl who took my vision test kept telling me to look at the pin. Well, how can I? Help me open my eyes as they're all fogged up with eye drops and I was feeling that awful stinging sensation all at the same time and still managed to smile!

I told the eye doctor that I know I'm getting old but I want to hear it from the expert like him with years of experience. I asked what I can do for my vision as I age, like will there be any exercises for the eyes that he can recommend. Should I eat more carrots or what? With a smile he said, yes, eat more carrots and consume more vitamins for eye health. There are no exercises for it.

His assistant took a look at my eyes as well. He made me look to the right and to the left. He said 'I have some nerves' (pun intended) which really translates to having some really healthy nerves in both my eyes. Good news to me. I guess that attributed to my high fruit vegetarian diet.

So my dilemma is dry eyes from working and staring at the computer too much. I guess that's a common problem associated with technology these days. We're always on our screens for hours reading e-mails, social media and watching streaming videos on little screens like smartphones and iPads not to mention playing electronic games causing dry tired eyes - that and long hours of exposure in the sun!

The dilating part of the visit was very uncomfortable. It causes you to tear up and there's that burning sensation for a few minutes but the sensitivity to bright lights and the sun lasted for hours - for me anyways. I drove back to work with my sunglasses on. My eye doctor wants to see me next year for another eye exam. Sucks getting old.

For me, I'll stick with drinking more juices specially fresh carrot juices, eating fresh fruits and fresh salads with dark leafy greens. I will make sure I wear a hat and sunglasses when I go to the beach or go on the boat. I'll be a good girl and do what the doc said. I think we're on the same page after all.

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