Easy Vegetarian Salad - Reboot your body deliciously! 

An easy vegetarian salad should be the main menu everyday. It's kind on the digestive system and the body needs all the roughage.

A colorful and easy vegetarian salad is your best bet when you don't know what to cook for dinner and feeling a little lazy in the kitchen. Vegetables have all the volume that takes up more space in the stomach with very little calories, therefore you can eat a lot without fear of expanding your waistline!

easy vegetarian saladVegetarian and Vegan salad with 3 types of organic lettuce from the backyard garden. Topped with olives all pretty and ready for a favorite dressing of choice.

As opposed to oils, meat and other junk food with lots of calories, vegetables and fruits fill you up with very little calories yet packed with all the nutrition that the body needs.

Veggies contain all the roughage to sweep your colon clean as well. You keep at it and the result is a guaranteed weight loss!

When you're in a non-vegetarian restaurants and you are a veggie you'll find out that you're eating in a wrong place. You'll find yourself unsure of what to order for yourself.

It's no biggie... they always serve salads! When in doubt, order the salad. 

An easy vegetarian salad can be just greens or you can make them colorful with the works. This huge bowl of colorful yum is made of the following:

  • Baby green and red lettuces from the garden. These leaves are really soft and they go perfect with any type of dressing
  • This is topped with organic tomatoes. What's a summer without summer garden tomatoes? 

Toss it with any healthy salad dressing you prefer, some olives or slices of avocado if you wish and you're good.

With a little imagination, this crunchy vegetarian salad becomes a complete and filling meal. Take it up a notch and add some of the following:

  • Slices of avocados
  • Walnuts or Cashew nuts
  • Olives
  • Dried fruits such as cranberries, dates or cherries
red lettuce in the gardenOrganic Red Lettuce for your red lettuce salad.

Make it an Italian salad by adding a vinegar olive oil cheesy dressing. Sorry but cold-cuts, no cured animal flesh, no cruelty, health robbing sodium nitrates and nitrates - they're out of the equation here. It's just honest to goodness, spring and summer vegetables in the wooden bowl.

This big bowl of yum can be crunchy and tangy... a little bit sweet or fruity, or even sour and creamy. Add in some olives for a little saltiness and there you have it - a perfect meal.

Spring and summer are an abundance of fruits and vegetables so it's easy to assemble an incredible summer salad right off the garden. You can make them colorful with different types of green and red lettuces.

Every green veggie has it's own crunchiness and texture to make salads amazing.

There is no wrong way to make vegetarian salads

Even young children can help you assemble vegetarian vegan salad. Little kids are bound to eat healthier if they helped you prepare it. So that's a big thumbs up!

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