Easy Salad Recipe - It's a no brainer!

In the summer, garden veggies are out of control. So let's make this easy salad recipe using garden tomatoes!

easy tomato and cucumber saladThe ever easy salad recipe using the abundance of garden tomatoes with fresh garden cucumbers, olives and Italian dressing!

Do you have a summer garden that produces lots of vegetables that can feed the whole neighborhood? Well that's good. Give your friends, family and good neighbors some homegrown veggies and tell them to make this ever easy salad recipe.

Garden vegetables just taste so much better than the store bought ones.

Even a person who can't boil water can make this amazing dish. In the summer, when garden tomatoes are abundant, make this amazing ever so simple fresh garden salad! 

Here's a nice tomato salad recipe

  • garden tomatoes
  • cucumber 
  • basil leaves cut in ribbons (purple basil for decoration)
  • green and calamata olives
  • crumbled cheeses (vegan cheeses) of your choice
  • salad dressing of your preference

If you don't have a friend who gives you garden tomatoes, that's just a lonely thing. You need to make friends with those who have a garden. There's nothing like fresh garden tomatoes in the summer!

Slice the tomatoes, the beef steak varieties are the best! Arrange them pretty in a platter. Slice up some garden cucumber as well. You can chop them up in chunks if you want.

If the cukes are sliced like the tomatoes, they seem to appear prettier. But looks is only in the eye of the beholder so play with it and do what you like. Taste is more important than looks.

Put some olives of your choice on it. Crumble and sprinkle some cheeses on it too. Vegan cheeses if you are vegan, but in this super duper easy garden salad we used fresh mozzarella and Feta cheeses. 

Eat it with some garlic bread and your dinner is done.

There's nothing like fresh picked garden tomatoes! Fresh live enzymes like Lycopene are bursting with flavor. With the basil cut in ribbons and spread on top, a piece of garlic bread... this garden tomato salad is good enough for a simple meal. 

You don't want to eat it as a salad? Then just make a tomato and cucumber sandwich. You can also toast a piece of bread, top it with these tomato slices, put the mozzarella cheese on top and basil, you get something like a bruchetta meal. 

When tomatoes are out of control in the garden, we make this super duper easy salad on a daily, using cucumbers and tomatoes. Just about every summer, these two veggies are like competing against each other as to which one will produce a lot. They're both winners!

An easy salad recipe like this makes dinner easy. It's a mainstay in the summer when it's too hot to cook. Heck, it can even pass as lunch. Just make a simple cucumber and tomato sandwiches and you're done.

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