Easy Raw Food - Rock the Christmas spirit!

The busy holidays are great for easy raw food recipes. Rock the festivities on with this gorgeous edible decor!

Here's an easy raw food as your Christmas fruit tree holiday centerpiece that both kids and grown-ups will love that dresses up the holiday table nicely. Without a doubt your guests and family members will get clicking with their cameras.

Fruit Tale CenterpieceMake this easy raw food fruit filled table centerpiece. Rock your holiday table with this really festive edible decor! This holiday tree is really fun to make.

How about a Christmas Tree centerpiece for your holiday table? 

This easy fruit dessert centerpiece is a festive Christmas fruit tree! It's very decorative and it's edible. Put it in the middle of your holiday banquet. Everybody will enjoy it. 

This holiday centerpiece is sure to stir the creative juices out of you and guests will go all ga-ga over it. So it is a must to try this for your next holiday banquet!

Here's the low-down on this edible art and craft:

  • A big fat carrot for the center
  • A fairly big apple or any big hard fruit for the base to hold the carrot will do
  • Fruits of your choice
  • Pineapple for the yellow bright star on top. In this case, a juicy star!
  • Toothpicks

Choose a nice big carrot for the center of the tree. That's what's going to support all the fruits and vegetables in it. Settle it into the base which is the apple. Halve a pineapple with the skin on will hold the tree too. Tell it to stay put by using toothpicks.

Cut up bigger fruits like the Kiwi. Cut the pineapple into chunks reserving a nice piece to make the star later.

Secure all the fruits with tooth picks and pin them to the carrot. Yeah, the carrot should look like a voodoo doll being tortured... pierced with fruits on toothpicks.

Cut the reserved piece of pineapple and shape it into a star. Again, secure with a toothpick and put that piece on top.

You can decorate your fruit tree with any fruit you choose, the more color, the better. This is one of the ultimate 'go-to' vegetarian Christmas recipes to complete your holiday festivities!

It's picture perfect. It got the cameras clicking to post on their Facebook pages. This is the tree you don't want to throw out after all the festivities are over. It has edible ornaments, you know. Eat 'em all just like candies!

Easy raw food can be really fun to prepare for the festive season. 

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Raw Chocolate Sauce

This fruit dessert centerpiece look so good it's better than those dried flowers with pinecones and candles that you can't eat. This stuff is 100% edible. Come n pick some!

You might wanna put some chocolate dip on the side right next to it. Your guest might want to make some fruit fondue for a perfectly delicious easy fruit dessert. Besides, what's a holiday without chocolate?

There are lots of other ideas to decorate your holiday table. But the best one is something that's completely edible.

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