Easy Pasta Salad Recipe - Vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Keep your cool any day of the week with this easy pasta salad recipe. Even the carnivores will delve into this.

Summer Pasta Salad with pineapple, olives and the works!Easy Pasta Salad Recipe that will work any day of the week whether it's Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall. Look closely and see bits and pieces of pineapple in it.

Who doesn't want to make their food quick and healthy? With this yummy pasta salad recipe, no doubt it'll make it to the list of great vegetarian meal ideas.

This one is nice for a side dish or it can even be your vegetarian vegan main course because pasta is very filling.

This is one of those vegetarian vegan meals you can live with. It's super easy and tasty too. Vegan salad recipes like this is very economical. You can make your own version and experiment with fruits you already have.

What's great about this pasta salad? Well, besides the simplicity, you can take it with you outdoors on picnics or at the beach, boating or pack it in your lunch box without worrying about some mayonnaise going bad.

Here's the super easy pasta salad recipe:

  • Half a box macaroni
  • Chopped Olives (any type)
  • Grapes 
  • Fresh pineapple chunks
  • Chopped Onion
  • Minced Garlic
  • Non-Mayo Dressing

Boil the pasta according to package directions. I like to use swirly pretty shaped pasta for my vegetarian pasta dinner.

While pasta is boiling, prepare the fruits: 

Carve half of the pineapple and reserve the skin intact. You will use this as your pretty bowl.

Chop the garlic , onion, olives and the other ingredients including the pineapple flesh without the core separating each from the others if you want. But, it don't matter if you mix them all, really. They're all going to be mixed in together anyways, right? So do it your way.


Once everything is chopped and the pasta is cooked and drained, assemble all the ingredients together and get them all friendly with each other in a mixing bowl.

Pour in a pretty bowl of your preference or use the pineapple skin!

Feast with your eyes then chow down.

Looks pretty and delicious. I made a big batch so it's in our lunch boxes for the next three days at work. Easy to make pasta salad like this is on the list of my vegetarian dinner ideas as well. 

Learning how to be a vegetarian? Well, it's no science. Meatless or vegan salad recipes are the way to start. Make a simple fruit salad with the fruits of your choice and fill up on that.

Learn how to cook kale and your protein worries are covered. 

Becoming a vegetarian is super easy with easy fruit salads, vegan salad recipes,  raw food or cooked food.  Try this lifestyle for a week and join the meat-free revolution!

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