Easy Hummus Recipe - Cure that dipping obsession!

Can't get enough hummus? That's not a problem. The world is with you. Here's an easy hummus recipe for you. 

This easy hummus recipe is for those lovers of mashed chickpea, the 'hummus-sapiens'! You know you just cannot get enough of this creamy savory bean dip. So let's make it.

garlicky and creamy hummusGot some pita? Dip them in and scoop. This creamy and garlicky homemade dip is invitingly perfect for scooping. Smother it on a piece of bread because that works perfectly fine too!

Classic traditional hummus ingredients usually calls for lemon juice, chickpea and some tahini for creaminess. Although, these days in America everything is made with the works much like the americanized pizza. We're okay with that.

All the variety of flavors make this beanie mix yummy and exciting! Just try some. It won't disappoint you. Get some pita bread or some Naan and start dipping!

For the ease of your dipping needs, here's a real easy hummus recipe to get everyone scoopin' and dippin' their pitas and 'the like':

  • 2 cups of cooked chickpea (you can use the one in the can but because of BPA contamination scare, cooked chickpea from scratch was used in this recipe)
  • juice of one lemon
  • 1 tablespoon of organic tahini
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1 tsp of ground Cumin
  • mint leaves from the garden cut in ribbons for a visual yummy look

You can use a food processor to assemble your homemade hummus recipe or you can also use a high speed blender.

Put the cooked chickpea in the food processor (preferred tool). Add in all the other ingredients and run it until it's all creamy. 

Get some pita bread or vegetables and enjoy!

The Tahini makes this dip really creamy but it's okay if you don't have them. 

There are so many variations and different ways of how to make hummus:

  • Add some avocado to the mix and make it spicy for a spicy avocado hummus dip! 
  • You can mix some coconut if you like yours with a coconut curry flavor.
  • Ever tasted sweet potato hummus? That's really tasty too!
  • Making them with lime juice instead of lemon is another variation. 
  • Add some roasted peppers if you have them
  • Have you tried Chipotle flavored hummus? 
  • Make it garlicky and add extra roasted garlic.
  • Give it a taste of Cumin!
  • Add a little bit of Paprika if you like this spice.
  • How about Turmeric for some anti-inflammatory effect?

It cures all dipping obsessions. Because it's full of fiber, it's really filling and can sustain you until the next major meal.

You know, this has all the superfood ingredients too!

This chickpea dip is absolutely sweeping the nation these days. This is a totally vegan food but even a carnivore will go gaga over this.

It's good cheap food. Make it often! 

If you are worried about your protein intake which you shouldn't be, chickpeas contain this nutrient. In fact, it's the better protein for you because it's from a plant and not from an animal so it don't contain fat.

Beans as we know it, are loaded with plant protein!

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