Easy Fruit Dessert - Picture perfect.

Show your patriotism with red, white and blue easy fruit dessert ideas. 

This easy fruit dessert is just too pretty to devour. Savor it slowly. Both kids and grown-ups will love it. So it's a win-win situation here. Make it red, white and blueberries!

easy fruit dessert ideasPatriotic Strawberry Banana Blueberry Flag Centerpiece that's perfect for any patriotic holiday event and celebrations.

Still thinking of healthy fruit dessert ideas for your table? Show your patriotism, love and support for your country with a fruit platter.

No sugary sprinkles. No toxic food colors. Just simple, natural real colors provided by nature with blueberries, bananas and strawberries. That's it.

Are you a military family celebrating a homecoming party? Then, make it fruity. Celebrate any patriotic event simply and healthfully with a platter of a healthy fruit dessert.

This easy fruit centerpiece can be the center of attraction on your table. It will get those mobile cams clicking before it gets devoured. It's Instagram ready!

This is also very kid friendly. This can be their little project. It's a healthy kids' dessert without question. It will encourage the little ones to eat a healthy fruit dessert before they dive into those unhealthy sugary gut wrenching sweet things that can cause dental decay and diabetic issues. 

This one is kid friendly and definitely Mom approved.

Strawberries, blueberries and Lechee for a patriotic presentation.

We know that blueberries are loaded with anti-oxidant. Nature has given it the blue color and for sure it does a lot of good for your health.

Go bananas! These fruits are not just for monkeys. They're the perfect food for humans as well. Ever heard of athletes eating bananas for strength and endurance? Well, because bananas are not just good, they're great!

Strawberries and bananas are a perfect match. Marry them together and you got a swoon-worthy simple fruit dessert. No need to get complicated.

Just make a banana strawberry dessert to satisfy that sweet tooth without the guilt.

Want more out of strawberries? Sweeten the season with a mix of greens and fruits. Make spinach strawberry salad for some chlorophyll. Your body needs a little sunshine in the form of greens. 

Or you can simply make a strawberry banana salad for a perfect combination. Fruit salad desserts are fool proof. They taste really delicious and they don't require any cooking at all.

The recipe? Wash. Peel. Slice. Assemble. Done.

Your easy fruit dessert is made in a jiffy. You may now go ahead and get yourself some!

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