Easy Filipino Recipes

No need to take a jet to the Philippines to eat authentic Pinoy food... nor spend money in Pinoy restaurants. Easy Filipino recipes can be mastered in a jiffy.

Master some easy Filipino recipes so you can eat your favorite Pinoy food right in the comfy of your home.

Easy Filipino recipesVegetarian Pansit or Pancit Bihon pan-fried with a bunch of local vegetables and mushrooms.

There are a lot of Pinoy food that are easy to cook and really delicious as well as affordable and nutritious. 

There are a lot of easy Filipino food that can be made at home no matter where you are in the world.

Though, in Filipino cooking, you have to have a kawali or a wok because you'll do a lot of stir-frying and the wok is best suited for this job. If you haven't got a wok yet, you can easily get on on a Amazon like this one: The stainless Steel Wok or 'Kawali' with cover.

One of the easiest Filipino food to cook is the rice. For Filipinos, rice is their oxygen. We eat rice on a daily. So we have so many rice dishes.

From desserts to main meals, we make a lot of delicious food out of this grain.

Rice is a staple food for Filipinos. It's actually the easiest to make in Philippines cuisine. 

When it comes to cooking rice, it's a no-brainer. Just let the rice cooker do the job for you. If you haven't already gotten one, check out Amazon for : The Amazing Rice Cooker.

Steamed rice is eaten with just about anything in the Philippines. We also make desserts out of this grains. As a Filipina, a week without rice makes me weak.

When it comes to easy Pinoy food, they usually call for very basic whole food ingredients coming from the earth, toiled, grown, harvested and cooked simply.

Our ever famous Filipino food that's always on the spotlight is the Filipino lumpia. You can eat this stuff as snack or as a meal. Lumpia is the Filipino spring rolls. We make them vegetarian here

Filipinos love their seafood as well as lots of local Filipino vegetables. 

Native Filipinos in the suburbs or in the province love to use banana leaves to display their delicious food. I think it's a genius way to utilize natural resources and what nature has to offer.

It can't get any vegan than using banana leaves for dishes! 

We love to use our Acacia dinnerware when serving our Filipino dishes. They're absolutely vegan! You can find acacia plates on Amazon like the Pacific Acaciaware 12-Inch Acacia Wood Square Serving Tray

Cooking Filipino vegetables depends on what parts of the Philippines you're from. I happen to be a Bicolana so I cook my Filipino vegetables coconut milk - always!

Here are other easy Filipino recipes you might like.

Asian Long Beans 'Sitaw"

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