Detox Juice Recipe - Hydrate yourself with pure vitamin water!

Flush out the impurities out of your system and keep hydrated with this detox juice recipe.

Watermelon rinds is great for a detox juice recipe. So don't throw them out. Juice them!

juicing watermelon rindsWatermelon rinds with beet makes a beautiful and tasty juice. When used with other sweet fruits, you will get a surprising color and taste. Detoxing can't get any tastier than this!

Watermelons including the rinds make an absolutely hydrating juice. Watermelons are nature's vitamin water that is so pure and filtered by nature. It's pure pristine water in a delicious form!

Summer means big juicy gigantic watermelons at their best. You bust them open and sometimes they squirt in your eyes. Some come seedless and others come with seeds.

Hey, no complaints, seedless or not, they're all good!

But if you get the ones with seeds, no worries. Just spit the seeds out and move on. Life is never perfectly perfect! Just eat the whole thing and save the rinds for this detox juice recipe.

Buy these melons in the summer as it is best tasting when they are in season. They are cheaper too. It's even cheaper and you get the most of it if you use the rinds too. So don't throw out their skin! Juice them!

Watermelon rinds are watery like cucumbers, they do well when you don't want your juice to be 'not' too sweet. Juicing them with beets make a really colorful drink in electric pink!!!

  •  Water melon rinds
  • 5 carrots
  • 1 small beet
  • 3 apples
  • a thumb-size ginger

A piece of little ginger makes this juice a little spicy. You can skip the ginger if you wish. This herb root is excellent for stomach health.

If you like beets, you can juice a big root with the rinds. But if you don't like it, you can just give your juice a little pretty tint by just juicing half of the beet root.

  • Chop the above fruits to fit the mouth of your juicer. Run them through. 
  • Pour in a big tall glass.
  • Hydrate yourself

Extremely refreshing. Sweet. Colorful. Hydrating. Great summer drink.

As with any fruit, it's best to buy them when they're in season. Lug some of this big fruit into your shopping cart in the summer. Either seedless or with seeds. It doesn't matter. You can juice them with the seeds. Seeds contains loads of vitamins too.

You can actually buy this fruit all year round, but of course they're more expensive. But, just for the health benefits, it's still cheaper than those unnatural vitamin water sold in bottles.

So don't throw those watermelon rinds into your trash bin. They make great juicing recipes for weight loss and detox juicing. Try juicing beets with them and the color is totally pleasing to the eyes.

Serve them for parties instead of that artificially colored soda. 

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