Cooking Kale the easy way. 

Are you cooking kale for protein? Good for you! It's got plenty of it. Eat them for the roughage too. Your colon will thank you!

Cooking kale is actually super easy. It cooks just like any other green vegetable. It's one of the anti-inflammatory foods out there so it's a good idea to include them in your vegetarian dinner recipes.

Cooking Kale - Sauteed with garlic, tomatoes and onion served with yellow rice!Sauteed Lacinato Kale also known as Elephant Kale from the backyard garden.

Kale comes in different variety and there are also many recipes for this delicious awesome greens. 

Though, of all the varieties, I seem to favor the curly kale for my kale chips recipe. Somehow, this type makes better chips than the Persian kale or the Lacinato variety. 

Then, there's the Russian kale which has purple stems. These are beautiful veggies with hint of purple on the leaves.

Try kale and potatoes sauteed in red onions, garlic and seasoned with soy sauce or tamari. Please do. It's delicious!

This veggie is usually sweeter in the Spring and Fall. I love making them in replacement for broccoli when I make my pasta con broccoli. Add lots of garlic and you're good.

Kale is such an amazing vegetable to plant in the backyard garden. They are not picky plants. They can grow in sandy soil as well, and can survive in harsh winter.

Some people have their favorite type of kale. My ultimate favorite type of cooking kale is the Persian Kale. They are like the spinach or bokchoy when they're not around.

Kale is great sauteed combined with just about any veggie.

I harvest my kale plants well into the winter and I can still enjoy sauteed kale without the fear of chemical sprays in them like the ones you buy from a produce section of the supermarket.

  • Organic garden kale (3 types)

- Lacinato or Dinosaur Kale

- Curly 

- Russian

  •  chopped garlic (use the whole thing)
  • 2 or 3 chopped garden tomatoes
  • 1 red or white onion
  • Apple Cider Vinegar to taste
  • Soy Sauce, Salt or Tamari to taste
  • 1 tsp grated ginger
  • 1 tsp oil (preferably coconut oil)

Chop the kale. You can eliminate the stems if you want and just use the leaves. You can put the stems aside as they are great for juicing. See green juices made with kale throughout this site.

It's best to use a WOK.

- Put a teaspoon of oil into the wok or saute pan. Any type of oil will do but for a favorite, I use coconut oil.

Add the ginger, garlic and onions when the oil is hot enough.

Saute until soft.

- Add the kale and stir until all wilted.

- Add the chopped tomatoes and season with the vinegar and soy sauce or other preferable seasoning.


An all time favorite sauteed greens! This stuff is great served with rice and beans or just plain steamed rice. It's a very simple dish that's packed with flavor and nutrition.

Nutritional experts claim that these greens is the new beef because it's packed with protein without all the fat unlike animal protein.

If you ask me, I love cooking kale as well as juicing them or throwing them into my smoothies. When you use this veggie in smoothies, you will hardly taste the kale in it. Instead, you will taste nothing but a sweet nutritious dessert. 

In juices, this vegetables makes an excellent green juice. You can add a cucumber, a lemon and a green apple to them and you'll have yourself a green mean juice!

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Here's a video of how I made green Kale smoothie from the Kale that survived the long harsh winter.

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